Our Daughters Look Up To These Women, And Can See How They Are Being Treated!

How often are we, almost half the country’s population, to be mocked and humiliated from the pulpit? Just wondering why it works.

Twice in one year, every woman in this country has been mercilessly mocked from the pulpit of our democracy.

Case 1: When the Prime Minister talked about Nari Shakti whilst convicted rapists were garlanded. We swallowed it.

Case 2: When the Prime Minister exalted the democracy of our country whilst voices of women wrestlers speaking up against sexual harassment were violently suppressed. We swallowed it.

How often are we, almost half the country’s population, to be mocked and humiliated from the pulpit? Just wondering why it works.

Yesterday’s heroes are today’s villains. Exploited for a photo op at the time of their success, they are now abandoned. Not one person holding high office in government will lend their support or even sympathy.

Not even the women.

Don’t the women with powerful portfolios in government feel offended by this treatment of their countrywomen? Don’t they feel any compassion or sympathy? Or are they just powerless props?

If women in power are silenced, then what message is the government sending almost half the population of the country?

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We keep harping on having powerful women in government. Unfortunately, that particular power does not mean much in the context that it is advertised, if it cannot be used to help other women. It feels as if women have been given positions of power, just to demonstrate how powerless they really are.

If that’s not the case, then I strongly urge The President, The Finance Minister and the Minister of Women and Child Development, to speak up, so young girls do not feel hopeless and discouraged. It’s in your hands. The power is yours, if only you will choose to use it.

Use it one time, and the brave women of the country will be proud of you. They are already speaking up for themselves, but you owe them your support.

Do not let them down, for little girls are watching how you are treating their heroes, the ones not so long ago, you asked them to look up to. Speak up and redeem yourselves in the eyes of little girls all over the country.

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