I’m Always A Bit ‘Too Much’ To Be An ‘Acceptable’ Woman… When Will This Stop?

Nothing a woman is or does seems to be right in a misogynist world that finds faults with anything and everything... can she just be considered human?

A woman’s dilemmas

If I’m fat, I am a cow or a pig.

If I’m thin, I am a skeleton or a stick.

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If I’m too fair, I am a white ghost.

If I’m too dark, I am an ugly monster.

If I’m tall, I won’t get a husband easily.

If I’m short, I won’t get a husband easily.

If I wear a saree, I am way too traditional.

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If I wear a mini skirt, I am way too modern.

If I wear a burkha, I am way too backward.

If I wear a bikini, I am way too forward.

If I speak softly, I am a gutless wimp.

If I speak loudly, I am a boisterous tomboy.

If I am reserved in my talk, I am a stuck-up bitch.

If I mingle freely with everyone, I have no moral ethic.

If I am talking with my female friends, I am a gossip.

If I am talking with my male friends, I am a wanton tart.

If I want to study more, I’m too much into education.

If I quit my job for any reason, I’ve wasted my education.

If I’m single, why am I not married?

If I’m married, when will I have children?

If I have a son, when will I try for a daughter?

If I have a daughter, when will I try for a son?

If I have two sons, do I regret not having a ghar ki Laxmi?

If I have two daughters, do I regret not having a ghar ka Chirag?

If I love to cook, I’m building a negative stereotype of women.

If I hate to cook, I’m not woman enough.

If I’m working, I’ve abandoned my family for fiscal fortune.

If I’m a stay-at-home mother, I’ve sacrificed my dreams for dreary drudgery.

If I’m given a promotion, I’m buttering up the boss.

If I leave office on time, I’m not working enough.

No matter what I am,

No matter what I do,

I am questioned, I am thwarted.

No matter how much I wear,

No matter how much I bear,

I am scorned, I am doubted.

How long will this go on?

How long will I not be free?

I want to live my life my way,

But you keep on tying me.

Dear World, I am a human first,

So a human, please let me be.

Image source: tsukiko-kiyomidzu on pixabay


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