The Keepers On Netflix Is A Heartbreaking Docuseries!

The Netflix Series, The Keepers, explores the concept of repressed memories of abuse suffered by children in a religious institution.

Trigger Warning: This article about The Keepers contains mentions of child sexual abuse. It contains spoilers. This is just a viewer-review, and does not intend to hurt religious sentiments.

The Keepers on Netflix is based on the theory of repressed memories. Both memory researchers and clinicians who work with trauma victims agree that repressed memories are real.

But we’ve laypeople who dismiss the same.

Sadly, when victims speak up once their repressed memories surface, they are disbelieved and further stigmatized. I wish, there were a way to prove beyond doubt that such memories are true.

Having said that, those who remember their trauma are disbelieved too. So, is it more about the repressed memories, or about not believing victims or not letting them speak up?

What is the world so afraid of, anyway, in The Keepers?

From the moment Jane Doe came forward, the odds were stacked against her. She faced the wall of the powerful church and the corrupt police force. For how long will we continue to not question religious institutions? I was aghast how the police force of the most powerful nation in the world (no, not China yet. I mean, the USA) lost crucial evidence during a hurricane!

It is often asked (even if in good faith),“But why didn’t (s)he tell anyone?”

To such people, I will say, it is a confusing and frightening time, even more if you are young.

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  • An abuser is, often, a person in a position of authority. A child/ teenager does not know if what is happening to them is right or wrong. After all, their parents, and other elders, seem to like and respect this person.
  • The child/ teenager may also be afraid if the abuser has threatened s/ he will harm the victim’s family. In the case of The Keepers, this threat is carried out too with Sister Cesnik.

But, again, I am a layperson. These are just my top-of-the-mind thoughts. There may be so many more factors that a psychologist may be able to peel.

It is heartbreaking to watch the victims come forward

It was heartbreaking to see how more and more victims came forward once the can of worms was opened. How does a man abuse 40 young people, and get away with it?

It sickened me further to see how the church tried to silence the victims further by compensating them. If it disbelieved the victims about Maskell’s evildoings, why did it pay settlements to them?

How does one even claim that so-and-so is not guilty because there is no precedent?

How does one even ask the victim to bring forth somebody who can corroborate her/his story? It is not like abuse is a public event telecast live on giant screens around the world.

Why does a religious institution get ants in its pants even if the abuse has been carried out by a lone wolf?

It would have been beneficial to the church if they had acted against Maskell, and washed their hands off him. It would have earned goodwill, and I am not even getting into the morals & religious teachings etc.

I am not surprised that 7% of the world identifies as ‘atheist’ now. If our religious institutions and priests fail us, our belief in our religions and god is bound to diminish.

Image source: Carlosbezz via Getty Images, free on CanvaPro.

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