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Priya Parul Singh

There is so much about me. Foodie. Introvert. Opinionated. Photogenic. Pragmatic. Receptive. Walker. Worrier. Blogger. Mother’s confidante. Voracious reader. Winter lover. Travel blogger. Father’s best friend. Husband’s soul mate. Daughter, wife, sister, friend. More mature than my age. Slightly-more-than-usual traveler. Yet, An Ordinary Girl!

Voice of Priya Parul Singh

Being Kind Is Perhaps The Single Most Important Thing We Need During This Pandemic

I’ve realized an aspect that’s important right now – being kind. Well, it’s always important but I’m (only) human.

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How We Readily Share Our Good Times, But Shy Away From Being Openly Vulnerable

We're a social animal, but so many of us find it difficult to talk about (or respond to others talking about) sadness and other negative things. 

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A Girl Who Travels… And Travels Solo

“Why do women prefix their trips with ‘solo’? Why can’t they just say that they are going on a trip? Like men do!”

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Before You Call Yourself ‘Patriotic’, Check How You Do On These 11 Points

Do You Call Yourself Patriotic? Why do most of us get gripped with a patriotic fervour only when it comes to India-Pakistan, be it border skirmishes or cricket matches? Why do we forget our patriotism in our daily lives?

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There Are Days When I Just Want To Be…An Ordinary Girl

Do you have days when you just want to be that 'ordinary girl' and not the 'strong woman'? You will so relate to this poem.

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A ‘Female Blackout’ – Are You Kidding Me? Women Need More Presence, Not Less!

The recent ‘female blackout’ on social media was supposed to be ‘a movement to show what the world might be like without women’. Makes sense?

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