Independence Is Not A Permission Slip You Gift, But A Right!

Do you still think independence, is a thing like a permission slip that you give your girls? Isn't independence her birthright?

Do you still think independence is a thing like a permission-slip that you give your girls? Isn’t independence her birthright?

Today, a lot of people praise themselves that they have given freedom to women in aspects of education and career. But, the question is, is freedom something that a man gives to a woman? Isn’t it her birth, right?

When a man achieves, the society hails his handwork and dedication. And credits every aspect of his success to him only!

But, when a woman achieves, a situation is created around her — something like, she has achieved it all because she was given freedom from her family and society.

Her efforts are appreciated with respect to some dependencies, and her credit of her handwork is broken and shared with others.

How to overcome these kinds of mentalities?

Foremost, in a society like ours, a change is always a critic. 99% of people always oppose the change because of social insecurity and lack of objective clarity.

An achievement should be praised equally, whether it’s a man or a woman or a third gender. Even though education is making a good impact, but still, women are suppressed by both men and women because of fear.

Praise should be equally given irrespective of gender

Even today, irrespective of education and technology, when a girl is born, parents primarily think of her marriage. Instead of making her to depend on someone, parents should make her financial independent, confident decision maker and intolerant towards gender based harassments.

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So, independence is not just about obtaining a degree or securing a job. It’s about having a good lifestyle without any obstacles or insecurities, specially related to gender.

Image source: still from Jaya Jaya Jaya Jaya Hey, edited on CanvaPro

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