According To A Recent Survey, Many Men & Women Defend Husbands Beating Their Wives!

According to the recent survey conducted by National Family Health Survey, majority of women in the country have accepted and defended the husband beating and punishing his wife.

The survey was conducted across 14 states and UTs. The state Telangana is in the first position whereas Himachal Pradesh is in the last position. It is very appreciable that the women in Himachal Pradesh have responded that physical violence is crime irrespective of gender.

The statements made by men as well as women, “When wife does not cook properly, ignores household works, doesn’t agree to have sexual relationship, etc are the reasons on which husband can punish” are truly shameful and reflective of our society.

It’s time we  question ourselves whether our education is making impact on gender equality or not.

What is wrong with our culture and upbringing that leads society to think women are inferior to men?

  1. Suppressing women’s feelings

Girls are brought up in such a way that they are taught to tolerate any kind of harassment in public/office/in-laws’ home. They are trained in such a way that they have to keep silent and adjust to any kind of situation. This is the greatest advantage for people to exploit women internally as well as externally. Behavioural lessons are taught to girls, which is good, but what about boys? It is a harsh truth that parents of today’s generation are still supporting patriarchy even despite having a good education.

  1. Lack of sexual education during teenage years

Teenage children are expected to be highly obedient by parents and teachers. They are restricted to speak about physical and psychological changes in front of them.  It is parents’ and teachers’ responsibility to educate them with proper sexual education in order to maintain a stable society.

  1. Gender quality education must be taught in every home

Everyone must have heard the word “Herd Immunity” during COVID-19. Exactly, what is the meaning of it? It is nothing but developing immunity in a larger number. Similarly, to maintain a stable society, a single person’s or single city’s contribution towards upbringing gender equality is insufficient.

Gender quality education must be taught in every home. Home in addition to home makes a community, society and a nation.

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4. Thinking of girl children as a burden     

From birth of a girl child, parents start thinking of her education and marriage and forget to make her financially independent. On the other side, even today, even an educated groom’s family demands dowry. In several  sections of the society, girl children are denied education, or are forced to drop off after high school or secondary school. In conservative sections, girl children are abandoned or aborted.

To conclude, mass education and awareness are very much necessary to bring gender equality in the society.  Any kind of abuse should be strictly punished. Hopefully, in the next survey, we will hear more encouraging responses.

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