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Aatmanirbhar Vivaha!

The most precious right of a person is freedom. Dependency on others creates a situation of exploitation. In each work, we always wish to be independent. But, is this true in case of marriage?

Parents spend huge money in the name of marriage, specially bride side. Doesn’t bride parents know that they should not spend more money on marriage? Of course, they know. It’s a kind of fear regarding this issue. Their mind thinks about daughter’s happiness. They think if they do not perform marriage lavishly, their daughter might face difficulties in her in laws home. But for how many days we have to live in fear?

Education, food, clothing, shelter and some things are basic requirements. So, they are provided by parents, fine. But why marriage? Why can’t bride and groom spend their earned money for marriage. Let them decide whether their marriage should be simple, moderate or lavish according to their budget. Marrying couple have to take this step boldly and their respective parents should support this decision.

In society, this kind of decision is not at all supported. First thing, our society is still a patrarchial. Second, youngsters are demotivated like, this decision is against the culture and tradition.Third, inferiority in women in discussing the issues when the topic of marriage arrives.

Necessity of Aatmanirbhar Vivaha

  1. Self independent and be proud of it.
  2. Many girls\’ parents are commiting suicides and many others are suffering because of loans.
  3. Financial Independence and Saving.
  4. An individual will get to know the value of money.
  5. Concept of dowry vanishes.
  6. If a woman is strong, no chance of domestic violence.

It\’s the time to change and there were many social reasons for the previous lifestyle. Past is past, now the youngsters should make a bold decision and they should be role model to others.

Aatmanirbhar Vivah concept may look small, may be ignored or people may respond negatively. But definitely, the society gets more stable.

Aatmanirbharta is not only for country. It’s for every home, every individual!


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