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Why Do Our Girls Disappear After Completing School?

You must have heard that girls top in 10th and 12th exams, but after getting that, they disappear. Why is this so?

Education is a fundamental right of every person. A lot of research and surveys suggest, the solution to almost all societal problems, is education. But, is education practically improving women’s social/economic status? The answer is partially yes.

It is fortunate that society thinks it’s good to give a school education or a degree to a girl child at the least. But, is education only having a degree or a job? In reality, does a girl have freedom to take decisions in her life? Practically, a big NO.

Whether a girl is educated or uneducated, literate or illiterate, employed or unemployed, dowry is still in practice in some sections of society. And it is surprising that the current generation of girls are accepting it so as custom and tradition.

On one hand, if we look back at the past decade, of course many changes have happened in terms of education and job availability. Women have struggled a lot to get these rights. Even though the constitution has given women complete freedom, it is not a ground reality yet. Whenever a decision taken by a woman goes wrong, instead of finding a solution, they are criticised. And worse, family and society won’t let them take any future decisions.

Is education really creating a difference in lives of girls and women?

You must have heard that girls top in 10th and 12th exams, but after getting that, they disappear. But in reality, what is happening in that stage, between the ages of 18-22? Why is there a drastic change in a girl’s life? Why is there a distraction from academics in the final year of her degree? Everyone must understand having a certificate is not sufficient. After getting her education, what a girl thinks and how she builds her career is very much important. But her thinking is either criticised or completely blocked by the age of 22 or 23.

So, education is not just a degree or just a means to get a job. It’s about having financial freedom, able to make tough decisions, prioritising needs, becoming responsible citizens in one’s professional as well as personal life.

It’s not that women should be given high importance compared to men. It’s about treating women equal to men!

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