My Failures Have Equally Contributed To Shape My Life

What if I had not failed? Would I have been so humble and courteous to people around me had I not tasted failure?

We do run a lot for success in life and get disappointed when we don’t achieve it.  Well, success does not come so easily to everyone, and only true talent can figure it out.

I am not an award winner, not a kid who scored above 90% in her exam, not having a 6-figure income and not even someone who has a very glamorous lifestyle, but a simple person who values personal happiness and smiles more than all these fancy stuffs in life.

Sometimes being happy is all we need

For me, my best days of life are when I see people around me being happy and enjoying the best moment of their life.

I, too, had a lot of failures in my life— I had failed in nursery school, I failed to learn to cycle in primary school, I failed to learn guitar, I failed to learn basketball, again I failed to impress my boss when I was working in banking — now I am struggling to make my identity in the field of digital marketing.

What if I had not failed?

Now I realize, would I have been so humble and courteous to people around me had I not tasted failure?

Would I have got to know the struggle our parents faced while raising us, would I have realized the value of success in life, would I have realized the hard work and commitment people put to be successful in life?

The answer is NO.

Failures have equal contribution in forming my foundation

My failures make me realize I need to be more determined and stronger in my life, respect everyone around me, introspect the best part about myself and enjoy the beautiful life which my parents gave to me.

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So, there are a lot of things failure has taught me rather than success.

I could explore myself in the best permutations and combinations possible so what’s makes me and breaks me, who are my true people who will be always there with me and how should I smile each day of my life for being part of such a beautiful journey called life.

Here I don’t mean to say that we should keep failing often and not strive for success.

But I meant to tell is every one of us is different, and we should not associate success as a single stagnant point in life, but try harder each day to achieve it.

So think about, what has failure taught you in life?

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