If We Don’t Sort Out the Conflicts, Will We Even Survive?

Poem: We have to support each other. Without self-entitlement. Have to believe that we are each other's home. If we can't, what are we even doing in this life?

How long are you going to keep quiet?
We have to coexist anyway
How long will you steal your sight?
So many things in life are on the way…

How long will you take to understand?
That we both are one team…
Where will we eventually land?
If none of us is keen…

How long shall I keep waiting?

For you to realize the importance of communication
Do you really feel no need of talking?
We are for each other as marriage is all about co-operation

We have to walk so long
We have to face so many things
We have to achieve and fail together
If we don’t sort out the conflicts, will we even survive?

We have to support each other
Without self-entitlement
Have to believe that we are each other’s home
If we can’t, what are we even doing in this life?

Before it is too late,
Let’s get back again
Let’s not give up
Let’s trust the day we first met,
Let’s believe we are each other’s fate.

Image source: TransStudio Photography from Pexels, free on CanvaPro

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