Sainy Banerjee Pal

As a Singapore based Senior Software Engineer, published co-author and a freelance writer, who loves to write about women, wellbeing and technology.

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If We Don't Sort Out the Conflicts, Will We Even Survive?
If We Don’t Sort Out the Conflicts, Will We Even Survive?

Poem: We have to support each other. Without self-entitlement. Have to believe that we are each other's home. If we can't, what are we even doing in this life?

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I Learnt To Cherish My Mom A Little More When I Heard Of What She Went Through To Get Me In The World

I used to take my birthday month very seriously and expected a gala time on the day. But one thought suddenly changed my mind. It helped me understand maa.

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5 Of My Tried-And-Tested Methods To Make The Best Of Lockdown!

Here I am sharing the five tiny things that you can incorporate into your daily life to feel better during the lockdown period.

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The Love-Hate Relationship Between Husband And Wife!

Never has he taken any initiative to make me feel special. He doesn’t care if I look good or bad. He does not even care to look up from his laptop and take a note of my existence in the same room! Even if I ask him about my dress he lies, saying it looks great".

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