10 Domestika Courses That Are Under ₹ 2000 For The Learner In You

Domestika is a learning community which provides a platform to creative experts from the fields of marketing, advertisement, craft, web design, architecture, creative content creation and more. They bring educators who share their knowledge and skills through professionally crafted online courses.


[Data analytics, Content Marketing & Content Writing are among the fastest growing fields of employment today. If you are interested in upskilling in these areas, these 10 Domestika courses for under Rs.2000 are great picks Aritra Paul has curated for you.]

Domestika is a learning community which provides a platform to creative experts from the fields of marketing, advertisement, craft, web design, architecture, creative content creation and more. Domestika brings educators who share their knowledge and skills through professionally crafted online courses.

Gone are the days when a traditional college degree with decent grades were sufficient to land a job and the knowledge from it was enough to excel in the job.

With the shapeshifting nature of global market trends and business models, employers are always looking for someone who is constantly upgrading and catching up with latest trends around them. With time and modern tech, distance learning has evolved as well.

Sadly, many of us working adults or fresh graduates, do not have the luxury of time and money to enrol in extensive skill building classes.

After the pandemic, online classes, have become the norm, the need to physically attain classes in is no longer a requirement. But enrolling in an institution of great repute is still heavy on pockets.

In this article we have chosen to feature ten courses from the platform of Domestika because of their diversity of subjects which are cost and time effective.

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We have selected courses which are focused on subjects related to marketing, content creation, and SEO and Google Analytics.

Our primary aim is to highlight that these courses can be studied by people from different branches of education, especially for students and professionals of social sciences who are looking for a change or upskilling in something more career oriented.  

As a student who has done few courses with Domestika, the most lucrative aspect of these courses for me; they are affordable, and I can study them on my own time. There is no deadline or timeframe to finish the course as after purchasing I get lifetime access to my course, course material and also latest updates.

And there is no examination at the end of each course work. Each student has to complete their designated units and submit their projects to earn the certificate.

Here are the ten domestika courses that we can study under the ₹ 2000!

Data analysis courses on Domestika

  • Google Analytics: Introduction To Data analysis by Ricardo Tayar Lopez

Price Range: ₹ 449-1999

The term data science had been frequenting the business world for a while now. Google is the largest search engine in the world, and it is built on years of data collection. A part of that data gets analysed and structured and explained for online businesses.

Learning the basics of Google Analytics will help an individual optimise and build better marketing strategies which will be more focused on the targetted market.  

  • Campaigns for E-commerce: Google Shopping and Facebook Ads by Mai Molina

Price Range: ₹ 599- 1999:

Don’t we all love shopping? Google shopping has yet to hit big in India, but Facebook has been providing ads to businesses for a few years now.

Building campaigns for businesses that run exclusively on the internet needs certain skills, this course provides foundational basics and helps you understand how a campaign is built step by step. 

Branding and content marketing courses on Domestika

  • Strategy and Research For Brands and Personal Projects by Carolina Zakrajesk

Price Range: ₹ 299-1999:

Ever wondered what brand research means? In this course, the student is given a complete walkthrough on how corporate research and strategies are planned and build upon and how to replicate and implement those learning in personal.

The title of the course me feel overwhelming, but once you enrol, you will find fascinating things about marketing and brand building. 


  • Content Marketing: From Planning To Execution by Gustavo Miller

Price Range: ₹ 359 to 1999

Content is the core of marketing, and it is everywhere and found in multiple forms— digital, print, images, text, video, audio, games etc. Selling and presenting them to the masses to the masses is a tough.  

This course will teach you how to plan strategies for brands and business, and generate marketing content for various platforms. 

  • Branded content strategies: from design to execution by Fernando de Córdoba

Price Range: ₹499-1999:

Brands are brands because of their content marketing. We know the names of brands like Prada or Gucci despite not owning a single piece. Sometimes we don’t even realize something of daily essential is a brand, like Tata, the name itself conjures up images of salt, tea, iron etc!

All these are brand names are huge because of years of planning and content/advertisement building that went into them.

Now, content branding strategies are changing, and this is the right time to update your marketing skills.

Customer services and client management courses

  • Customer Service Strategies in Social Networks by Julio Fernandez-Sanguino, is for the global student 

Price Range: ₹ 299-1999

Social Media is a big part about the global citizen. A footwear that we bought online from India is being made in Taiwan, materials of which may have come from Bangladesh.

This domestika course will help anyone interested in the service sector understand the intricacies of the business.

  • Project Management for Effective Client Communication by Sophie Simmons

Price Range: ₹ 499 -1999

This is a newer branch of marketing and public relations, where individuals or a team work together around image building of brands and businesses. They use traditional practices of client community building and bringing them to the digital space. 

Writing and Content creation courses on Domestika

  • Basics of SEO by Natzir Turrado is the course for budding content writers

Price range: ₹ 499-1999

Content writing is a diverse and competitive field. Writer around the world are competing for the top position on the search results. But content writing is not all about using the right keywords and phrases. It has a stature and purpose, this course will help a writer understand their job better and how to do it well. 

  • Copywriting: Principles of Writing For Advertising by Erica Luge is beginners guide

Price Range: ₹ 329-1999

Remember the fevicol’s iconic ads? That is the work of a copywriter. Copywriting is one of the most interesting and least understood job in the world— few words can make or break a brand.

Translating the ideas to print and television needs creativity and observation.

Advertising industry is always in requirement of writers who can develop great pitches and catchy tag lines that will make the masses buy the products. If you are a writer who wants to create timeless ads, this course is a foundational must.

  • Podcast production for beginners: captivate your listeners by Federico Ciccone

Price Range: ₹499-1999

Podcasts are the next ‘it thing’ in the content market. They have replaced radios and or more sought after than youtubers because of variety they offer.

Producing podcasts takes very few equipments without the need of a studio. The method of creating clean sounding audio and authentic work needs guidance. If you want to build a podcasting career, this course is for you.

Fluctuating price range

Each of these courses have a fluctuating price range, there are often discounts and offers which are tied in with Domestika Plus services. The prices may also vary from individual to individual. So please read the instructions carefully before clicking that purchase button. 

As a regular member of Domestika community, my advice is to download the app on your devices, and purchase your courses with UPI payment or via net banking. Purchasing the courses via web browsers often leads to difficulties because limited payment options are presented.

What are you waiting for now? It is time to learn something new. 

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