Trolls Calling Sushmita A ‘Gold-digger’, Buzz Off And Get A Life For Yourself!

Before we pass judgement that money must be the factor for birth of a relationship when an older man and younger women are involved, let us think.

Celebrity dating stories should not impact our lives is a rule my mother maintains as she devours the latest gossip. Yesterday, population of Instagram and Twitter had a gala time when Lalit Modi announced he is in relationship with former Miss Universe, Susmita Sen with marriage in sight.

What began as breaking news soon became turned into trolling, meme fest and meaner by the moment comments. The memes initially shared were harmless with a pinch of gallows humour. Come yesterday morning; assumptive new articles and maliciousness has joined in the troll.

Why are people upset?

Susmita Sen, who is hailed as a feminist icon and advocate of being a happily unmarried single mother; she has dated  men over the years, some of them were younger,  less famous or less rich.

Lalit Modi, the founder of IPL, is infamous for tax and financial crimes; as an absconder, surely has ample time to holiday on international waters. On these waters, the relationship became official, we, the consumer of gossip, have concluded. Internet is pretty united that there is a “hotness gap” between the couple, and the ten-year age gap, which is generally is acceptable, has become a fish bone in stuck peoples’ throat as they are accusing Lalit Modi of stealing their childhood crush.

Lalit Modi has edited his IG caption once from calling Sen better half to better looking; he has mistakenly tagged the parody account of Sen on Twitter, and shared screenshots of news articles covering his post, on his IG stories. In other words, Lalit Modi is a love struck man whose, Twitter History is being dug out at this very moment where he asked Sen to reply to his SMS in 2013. Sen, who didn’t deny the relationship, announced yesterday on her Instagram, she is in a happy place where no marriage or ring is required.

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Trolls, keep off, and let them live their lives!

Many have jumped to the conclusion that money is the reason. Sen’s name is a brand with endorsements, modelling and acting work, she definitely doesn’t lack money and as stated before she has dated people younger with less money and lesser popularity. Though Sen has clearly drawn a line stating that this is her personal matter and not the public’s, people on the couple’s comment section have made it their business.

Instead of asking why a successful and intelligent woman is dating a man with questionable principles and known for financial crimes, a journalist like Akash Banerjee makes a snide comment about money! These kinds of comments from other famous people with huge following, actually fuels anonymous trolls to harass celebrities more and, by extension, by thoughtless media. Reporters from ABP Anand have already reached Sen’s parents’ doorsteps to get answers, despite Sen’s father repeatedly saying he is unaware.


Before we pass judgement that money must be the factor for birth of a relationship when an older man and younger women are involved, let us think: Women with their own money and agency are equally prone to dating morally problematic men; we have seen the examples on Tinder Swindler and various true crime dramas. Even the staunchest of us feminists are bound to make bad decisions.

Let us not poke our noses where they are not needed, and let the two adults decide what they want to do.

Image Source: Twitter and Lalit Modi’s Instagram Account.

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