She Made It All Look So Easy— Reminiscing An Inspiration

There have always been exemplary women, who are tremendously inspiring and motivating. One such person that remains in my mind is my English teacher...

There have been two very paradoxical but true notions, a woman for a woman and a woman who brings down another woman. And I know the greener side of the grass, seeing women of substance, leading by examples.

One such soul that remains an inspiration eternally is my English teacher from school days. We loved her, but we were terrified of her discipline. As I got to know her better, I understood that she was one of those fierce but beautiful, graceful but extremely sensitive rare personalities, that deep down inside, we all aspire to be.

Learning to be my unapologetic self

She taught us English and Social Science for two years, but she taught me everything from administration to grace, discipline to zeal, and most importantly, being an ‘unapologetic yourself’, at times all of this without even saying a word.

From early on, the concept of being an ambitious woman, unafraid to be a horse amongst bleating sheep was etched in me by her. And like they say, you just know 10% of the person, not their story; with time, I learned that she had layers of empathy, kindness, experience, wisdom, unwavering strength, and above all resilience.

Following her steps was not easy

There have always been exemplary women, who are tremendously inspiring and motivating. But she was an inspiration which wasn’t a cakewalk to become, but I knew she was my guiding light for all the growing versions of me.

I’ve always believed in people for who they are, based on how they deal with a rainy day, lost luggage and tangled Christmas tree lights, just like Maya Angelou had said.

But she, she made it all look so easy, despite the weight of responsibilities she had and executed.

Memories are innumerable and immensely warm, from practising choir events to scripting stage dramas, to discussing Robert Frost even after English class was long over!  Penning down debates, all the while, striking a magnificent balance between professional and personal life, that I could only imagine.

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A strong work ethic is a legacy

She was and still remains the lighthouse when my sailing ship deviates from its north. I was in the fourth grade when she used to come early, so that we could practice diligently. A strong work ethic was planted in me by her, something I’ll be ever grateful for.

The fact that relationships in life are as important as work and have to be nurtured with care, love, patience, and even strength sometimes, was something she taught me by example instead of words.

I remember writing a debate for three days and getting passed over by a junior to represent the institution. That was her way of teaching me that sometimes a step backward also means two steps forward.

Mistakes are part of growth

She held my hand firmly as I took baby steps into the council administration. Her support was even stronger when I had to look in the eye and accept when I made a mistake or took a wrong call. She empowered me with the strength to rectify it.

Her office was her den, and corridors her jungle. The sound of her cackling heels and jingling bangles alerted us to get back into our seats before she entered. I have spent an equal amount of time in her office as I have in classes.

From entering her shimmering office in 2nd grade just to collect a chalk box to later knowing every corner of it, including the dusty back shelves by the time I left school, is an overwhelming memory.

She has taught me everything from grunt work to giving speeches behind a podium; from writing certificates to scripting huge events, leaving no stone left untouched.

Embracing the known is scary, but necessary

She is one of the reasons I learned to embrace things that were scary, difficult, and even without happy endings. Two things — my family and her, instilled a life lesson that made life easier for me to love — you’re zero without hard work and the process of reaching the goal is more important than the goal.

No matter the number of excellent relationships that we nurture, I’ve learned from her that knowledge and expertise are your best friends, even on days that you have no one.

There possibly might not be an ending to the memories I have. When I still call her or text her, I always find the fearless and kind woman, that my soul searched and yearned for within.

She is a lighthouse on a stormy night

She is always there for a her, and she has always been unfaltering support to a him as well. A lighthouse, a ray of sunshine, and the light of the moon in a dark empty room when need be.

I often ask myself why am I sharing this story. And amongst all the answers I get from within, the one I love the most is that the more we are grounded to our roots, the higher skies we can fly.

Roots are what stay when flowers wither and the leaves dry out!

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