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Madam, A Single Working Woman Is A Big ‘No-No’ In This Housing Society!

The housing authorities have no right to ask pestering questions or judge a single working woman based on her personal choices. Thoughts?

Society raises a list of common questions to a single working woman staying alone in a flat-

“Is it safe to live alone as a woman?” 

“What are the problems a single woman faces?” 

“Isn’t it against our sanskaar?”

SANSKAAR in Sanskrit means culture, tradition, heritage. The unending sanskaar problems are faced by every single woman to keep moving from rental apartments to another just because they are single.

Even if you’re working, the patronising question is when will you get married and settle down? No one believes that you can be complete in yourself. They forget that being single is a choice, not a fate.

There can be numerous reasons for a single woman to move to flats- career change, transportation issues, family problems!

Also, unmarried women look out for jobs in metro cities. There are more single women in India today compared to any other time in our Indian history. Widows, divorcees, spinsters account for almost 21 percent of the country’s female population.

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The word ‘single’ is frightening for many apartment associations

Many single women are subjected to unjust behaviour from the apartment associations forcing them to vacate their flats due to false allegations.

Assumptions are often made based on tenants’ profession, dress code, career choices, hanging out with friends especially men, all are questioned and judged.

Sheethal Shyam is Kerala’s first transgender actor to hold an Aadhar card. Even though she is recognized as the third gender by the Kerala government, she faced a lot of problem finding a house for rent. 

‘Apartment is available only for families or married couples’ syndrome

The biggest issue is that landlords claim is that of visitors coming to the flats at odd timings, putting loud music, stayovers, careless usage of electricity and water. Yes, I agree these complaints are very genuine. They cannot be ruled out.

But on the other hand, most of the ‘to-let’ advertisements or calls to brokers specify that the apartment is available only for families or married couples.

How can we forget the ‘what do you do’ in this?

The next set of preferences is by profession- mainly doctors, lawyers, engineers, teachers- anyone with a regular nine to five job is welcome. But professionals like artists, musicians, writers, freelance journalists are neglected. What does this have to do with the profession?

Many women these days choose the profession of their choice, changing lifestyle and attitude, flexible timings, freelance opportunities have made women choose career paths over a fatter paycheck. Unfortunately, landlords, owners are yet to come to terms with these inevitable changes.

Change your attitude towards a single working woman

It’s time to change the rules and gossip imposed about being single. As the population of never-married women, divorcees increases, we should not define them as selfish and vex them with personal questions regarding their single status.

Every citizen has the right to reside anywhere in the country and discrimination is not allowed on basis of religion, caste, sex, eating habits or marital status. Any regulation which infringes on the fundamental rights of an individual can be challenged in the court of law. The housing society regulations don’t have the same stature as that of a law.

The housing authorities have no right to ask pestering questions or judge a single woman based on her personal choices or frame laws that infringe her fundamental rights.

Image Source: Still from short film Rent/Six Sigma Films, YouTube

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