Dear Doctor, Why Is Getting Married The Best Cure For My PCOD?

You go to the doctor, expecting her to use science to cure you. Then comes the curveball. No wonder the author is letting sarcasm carry her onwards!


You go to the gynaecologist, expecting her to help your PCOD. Why don’t more doctors actually treat this disorder scientifically?

Dear Gynaecologist,

I want to thank you, sincerely, for changing my life. I was a lost soul who used to believe in Science but then, you showed me the way. This is a small note of gratitude from a 32-year-old woman, who came to you at various points of her life with chronic Poly-Cystic Ovaries Disorder (PCOD), for whom you figured out the best solution ever!

I still remember the first day I walked into your clinic. I was in my mid-20s at the time. You were so smart, you declared my issues with excess body weight, since I was so young, must be simply from eating junk food! The fact that I hardly ate junk food didn’t matter, of course!

Your genius in intuitively understanding the possible reasons behind my weight issues left me in awe! You explained that the solution to my problem was to lose weight and reduce stress levels. (Thin girls and women who have PCOD are just exceptions or are lying, are they?)

Simple problems require simple solutions

You then asked me if I was stressed and I told you about my life-long battle with depression. You responded with absolute conviction, that if I practiced yoga regularly, my depression will vanish! You made me realise that great men, like Baba Ramdev, were right all along! Yoga is a magical pill that can cure anything and everything (even COVID-19!). I have no idea why we have mental health professionals in this country! Mental Health is a sham, all you need are Willpower and Yoga!

But what actually stayed with me and gave me ‘hope’ over the years, is your assurance that PCOD is a temporary problem. You said, again with absolute conviction, that once I get married, this will cease to be an issue!

I was so dumbstruck because the solution was right under my nose! Haven’t our parents and society told us, right from our teenage years (or even childhood), that marriage is the solution to all problems in life?!

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It’s not every day that one finds a gynaecologist like you. The conviction you have in your solutions inspires me, day in, day out. Whenever I see a woman struggling with PCOD, I conclude that she is a woman of weak mind. I mean, if she had willpower, she would have exercised, lost weight, and resolved the issue in a few months, right? She, and only she, can be ‘blamed’ for PCOD. I body shame her because that will inspire her to lose weight.

People like you are the real desh bhakts and the custodians of our Great Indian Culture. Body-shaming is great for our economy! If all women are of similar weight, brands can create same size clothing in bulk. That will save a lot of resources and energy!

Thank you for making me understand how the Indian Society has always been scientific. Now I understand why everyone around me has been pressuring me to get married! Thank you for being my guiding light. I will find a groom soon and send you my wedding invitation.

Yours Sarcastically,

Photo by Sharath G. from Pexels

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