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It’s A Men’s Word…World Even In Everyday Language. Don’t Believe Me?

It's a male-dominated world! Don't believe me? Pay attention to the words you use and you will find a lot of MEN!

It’s a male-dominated world! Don’t believe me? Pay attention to the words you use and you will find a lot of MEN!

If I win something, it’s AchieveMENt. If I get a raise, it’s increMENt. If I climb the corporate ladder, I’m in the manageMENt. If I fight, it’s an arguMENt. If I have an opinion, I have a judgMENt. If I want to de-stress, I search for entertainMENt or refreshMENt. If I’m elated, it’s exciteMENt. If I am in a relationship, it’s commitMENt. If I have my own home, it will be an apartMENt. If I order something, the shipMENt will be out for delivery. If I want to take care of my mind, I go to a MENtal Health Professional.

If I join politics, I will have to go to parliaMENt and become a part of governMENt. If I become a scientist, I will conduct experiMENts. If I’m a clerk, I will take care of docuMENts. If I’m a mother, I will offer nourishMENt. If I’m a student, I will have to get through assessMENts and assignMENts. Even if I become the best sportswoman in the world, I will keep playing tournaMENts. If I care about Mother Earth, I will become an EnvironMENtal Activist. If I say goodbye to my career, it will be retireMENt.

If I go on Social Media, I have a MENtion. If I watch YouTube, there are advertiseMENts. If I go to a restaurant, I get a MENu and I see MENdu Wada. If I want to stay home and cook for myself, I see Top RaMEN in my kitchen.

If I’m an idealist, I will face disillusionMENt. If I’m appreciated, I will get a compliMENt. If I make a difference, I will be a phenoMENon. If I dislike someone, it’s resentMENt.

And here’s proof that men want to control women’s bodies: It’s MENstruation. It’s MENopause. It’s HyMEN.
It’s abdoMEN. It’s ailMENt.

Even if I question patriarchy, it will be anti-establishMENt. If I need guidance, I will find a MENtor, who will give me encourageMENt. If I mess things up, it will be an embarrassMENt.

And if I want to end this rant in God’s grace, I will have to say aMEN!

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Image source: Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels, Free on Canva

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