Actor Shoaib Ibrahim Pampers Wife On Period; Says Let’s Normalise Talk Of Menstruation! 

In a YouTube video, actor Shoaib Ibrahim says “it’s high time we talk about it (periods) normally,” and takes care of actor wife Dipika during her periods.

In a YouTube video, actor Shoaib Ibrahim says “it’s high time we talk about it (periods) normally,” and takes care of actor wife Dipika during her periods.

Translated by Aditi Singh Kaushik from the Hindi original.

Actors and popular couple Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar are adored by many. In a recent video uploaded on his YouTube channel, Shoaib is seen talking about something many people in our society refrain having a conversation on – Periods. 

Shoaib in his video did not only talk about the need to amplify conversations around periods but also highlighted that we must understand that women get tired, suffer from cramps during their periods and need rest. 

All men must watch, says Shoaib

While talking about the same, Shoaib said that this vlog is especially for men who have wives, sisters or female friends. They must understand that women, despite the pain they go through during their periods, display a strong face and continue their daily routine. Thus, men should understand that and take proper care of them, especially during those 5-7 days. 

He undertook the responsibility of cooking during the 2nd day of Dipika’s periods, and highlighted the need for emotionally supporting them.

Discard superstitions and normalise conversations around periods

Many myths and superstitions surrounding periods are still prevalent in our society. Some of them, like a woman shouldn’t touch pickles, enter a place of worship or kitchen, still exist in our country. Amongst so many do’s and don’ts, we also need conversations around how most women need rest during their periods, and that people around them must support them during those days, without discriminating against them.

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Many of us are not the ‘superheroes’ shown in sanitary napkins advertisements on TV who can run from one place to another during periods. We need rest too, and as rightly pointed out by Shoaib Ibrahim, people, especially men, need to understand that women need a break from their daily routine.

For people to provide support, especially emotional support during the 5-7 days, conversations around periods need to start happening.It is only possible when we start seeing menstruation as a natural part of every woman’s life and make attempts to destigmatize it. 

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