Two Years After She Quit Bollywood, Dangal Girl Zaira Wasim Is In The News Again!

This photo of Dangal actress Zaira Wasim started trending as soon as it was shared on Instragram. In no time, the pic was flooded with likes & comments by fans!

This photo of Dangal actress Zaira Wasim started trending as soon as it was shared on Instragram. In no time, the pic was flooded with likes & comments by fans!

Zaira Wasim does not need any introduction. The young actress debuted with Aamir Khan’s superhit film Dangal. She was honoured with the National Film Award, Filmfare,  as well as National Children’s Award in her very short Bollywood journey.

In this picture, Zaira is seen wearing a burqa, walking on a bridge. However, her face could not be seen by her fans as her back was towards the camera. Zaira also gave a caption to this picture, “The warm October sun”. This photo of Zaira began trending as soon as it came on social media and in no time, likes and comments on this photo were made by  fans.

Even after two years of bidding goodbye to her golden journey in Bollywood, it looks like fans have not forgotten the Dangal girl. Zaira Wasim won the hearts of the audience with her exceptional acting at a very young age. That’s why her pic on social media has created such a buzz.  

In the picture that came after two whole years, Zaira’s face is not even visible. Thousands of like comments on such a simple picture of  the Dangal girl in no time, is proof that in Bollywood, where only the rising sun is saluted, Zaira has made a special place in the hearts of her fans.

When and why did Zaira Wasim distance herself from Bollywood ?

About two years ago, on June 30, 2019, Zaira had announced, by posting a long post on her social media account, that she was quitting acting due to religious reasons. At that time not only Bollywood, but also fans were surprised by this move of Zaira.

In that post of Zaira which surprised everyone, she wrote that five years back, she made a decision that changed her life completely. Zaira said that as soon as she had stepped into Bollywood, many avenues of becoming popular were opened for her. People started giving attention and at times, she was also considered a role model of the youth, although all this was not what he had desired, especially with regard to success and failure.

Along with leaving films, Zaira took a big step and deleted all her photos from social media. Along with this, Zaira had also requested her fans that her pictures be deleted from fan pages. In such a situation, after a long time of two years, Zaira’s picture is very special in itself.

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Zaira Wasim left the golden journey of Bollywood so soon

Zaira Wasim, who touched the heights of fame in a short time, said goodbye to Bollywood very easily, but it was not that easy for Zaira. After five years of success, she realized that even though she would fit in Bollywood, she was not made for it.

Zaira said that she got a lot of love, success and praise from Bollywood but it also brought her on a path astray. According to Zaira, she worked in an environment that constantly interfered with her faith and at such a time, the Quran and the guidance of the Prophet changed her outlook and meaning towards life.

Finding her true happiness in the principles of her religion, Zaira officially announced her separation from Bollywood to find new happiness for herself in her religion. Although some fans got angry with her decision and trolled her, some also came in his support. After all it is Zaira’s own life and  she is free to live it in her own way.

Dangal girl is not untouched by controversy

With a short film career of five years and at a young age, the Dangal girl earned a lot of name, respect and fame, but at the same time, Zaira could not stay away from the controversy.

The first controversy started with her debut film itself, when a picture from the sets of the film went viral in 2016. In this picture, Zaira’s hair was cut short, due to which she was targeted by Muslim radicals and the short haircut of Zaira Wasim was called un-Islamic.

Soon after this, in 2017, Zaira came under fire when her picture with Kashmiri Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti surfaced. Mufti called Zaira a Kashmiri role model. This matter was not liked by the people of some radical ideology and Zaira was also threatened in various ways. However, seeing the controversy deepening, Zaira also apologized by deleting the post.

In 2017, she posted several messages on her Instagram account in which, Zaira complained that a man behind her seat, touched her inappropriately while on a Delhi to Mumbai flight. At that time, this post created a lot of ruckus and the matter reached court.

Many questions raised on Zaira Wasim after leaving Bollywood

The ex-Bollywood actress, who saw immense success at a young age, became controversial figure as she bid goodbye to Bollywood for her religion. This decision of Zaira Wasim raised many questions. 

If seen, her pressure and struggle in her personal life can also be considered as a big reason for leaving Bollywood.

Zaira’s move to leave Bollywood also forces one to think. When a successful female artist could not bear the pressure, what is the future of girls who want to come out of Kashmir and reach successful heights?

The Dangal girl quit Bollywood by citing religion. As a woman, this was somewhere hurtful. We do not know whether this decision of Zaira was personal or under any pressure. But think– did this step of Zaira not kill the dreams of many girls like her?

Are we in an era where the thinking and dreams of girls should be influenced by some religion or ideology? The flame of hope that had been ignited by the rising steps of Zaira, was it extinguished in the storm of religion?

It would be difficult for many people like me to understand how acting can be a sin and how can acting be linked to a particular religion. Now is the time to come out of this thinking and openly give freedom to girls to fulfil their dreams.

For now, our best wishes to Zaira Wasim!

Image Source : Zaira Waseem/Intagram

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