29 Family Friendly Movies To Pick From And Enjoy Your Movie Time Together At Home

Lockdown weekends are movie weekends, and you want to watch some family friendly movies together. Here's a handy list for you!


Lockdown weekends are movie weekends, and you want to watch some family friendly movies together. Here’s a handy list for you!

Saas bahu serials seem to be standard fare on screens these days, and your weekends are often spent watching the same old family friendly movies that you have already watched.

So what do you do? Search for movies when everyone is sitting ready for a good time? No. You read this, and make your pick.

We have compiled a list of 21 family friendly movies across three OTTs – Netflix, Amazon prime, and Disney+Hotstar, each one of them sure to make your time worth it.

Family friendly movies on Netflix

Chopsticks (Hindi)

An intelligent but timid woman embarks on a journey to retrieve her stolen car. On this journey, she befriends a con man to help her recover her hard-earned car from a gangster.

Chippa (Hindi)

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This movie revolves around a 10-year-old kid Chippa, who receives a letter from his father who he has never seen or met. The problem is that the letter is written in Urdu. How will he read it?

Varane Avashyamund (Malayalam)

This drama portrays a mother-daughter duo and how their life starts to unravel when a retired army officer and another young man rent their apartment.

My Neighbour Totoro (Japanese)

Why can’t we have non-Indian family friendly movies?

This Japanese anime film showcases the life of two sisters who move to the countryside so that they could be closer to their ailing mother. They meet a friendly spirit whom they name Totoro, and who helps them with their family problems. A cute, feel good movie.

Maska (Hindi)

The story follows a young man who wants to pursue his dream of becoming an actor, while his parents want him to take over their Iranian cafe and be a ‘maskawala’. He is trying to get rid of the cafe until a girl comes into his life and changes everything he believed.

What are the odds? (Hindi)

The film follows two school kids for a day. Their friendship is unlikely, and they end up trying to save the day. The day filled with unexpected character encounters and adventure. This coming to age comedy and a drama-filled movie is a must watch on your family night.

Sardarji (Punjabi) 

The story revolves around a man whose mission is to drive away a ghost from London. With various developments that happen, he falls in love with the ghost. This is a must watch. 

Bucket List (Marathi) 

The film focuses on a homemaker in Pune who has a heart transplant. After her surgery, she sets out on an adventure to complete the bucket list of her 20-year-old donor. This heartwarming movie is the perfect fit for your family to come together and watch. 

Maj Rati Ketki  (Assamese) 

This family friendly Assamese movie showcases a story of an author who returns to his hometown. The movie unravels nostalgia, where the character reminisces about his past and cherished ones while also learning valuable lessons. 

Love ni Bhavai (Gujarati)

A romantic drama focusing on an RJ without any romantic past. She soon gets tangled between two different guys. This movie revolves around different idea of love and how the protagonist figures it all out. 

Village Rockstar (Assamese) 

This coming of age story follows a 10-year-old girl living in Assam. Her goal is to have her own guitar and form a band with the boys in the village who she befriends. A touching family friendly movie.

Sonar Pahar (Bengali)

The movie portrays a friendship between two unlikely people and their journey and story. An old woman befriends a small boy and with this friendship, she evaluates her own relationship with her married son. This must-watch family friendly movie is pure gold in terms of happy hormones.

Family friendly movies on Amazon Prime

Savaari (Telugu)

A horseman whose whole life revolves around his horse Baadshah needs to undergo immediate heart surgery. For this the protagonist needs to save money. In comes a girl who creates a stir in his ‘normal’ life and helps him. An entertaining watch for the whole family.

Ente Ummante Peru (Malayalam) 

A man in search of his biological mother comes across a woman named Aisha. The story revolves around the duo and the mother-son bond that they share.

Kunju Daivam (Malayalam)

A little boy wishes for someone’s death to postpone his exams, but when his prayers come true, it hits him the hardest, as it’s his grandfather who passes away. Feeling guilty, the child decides to help someone from dying to redeem himself.

Katheyondu Shuruvagide (Kannada)

A story between a resort owner who isn’t able to keep his business or life afloat and a girl who stays at his resort. A romantic comedy, this family friendly movie is light and sweet, and keeps the audience engaged.

Pareeth Pandari (Malayalam)

This family-based movie showcases the life of a cook, his wife and their three daughters. The societal expectation of getting them married overwhelms the couple who set out to try and be matchmakers for their daughters.

Gulaboo Sitabo (Hindi) 

A story about a haveli, and its aged owner and his tenant both getting on each other’s nerves. This Hindi comedy is sure to make you laugh and surely fits into your list of family friendly movies for a family night.

Sharato Lagu (Gujarati) 

This Gujarati drama filled movie spins around the two individuals who are poles apart in terms of their personality who are introduced to each other as considered marriage proposals. Another turn of events, they decide to live together before agreeing to marry one another. This crazy roller coaster love story is a family-friendly movie that keeps you entertained. 

Prawaas (Marathi) 

A journey of a kind shown through this movie weaves the story around a 70-year-old man. He finds out that his Kidneys fail to function, therefore decides to take a life-changing journey with his wife. A family friendly movie filled with an emotional drive that you are sure to fall in love with it. 

Generation Ami (Bengali)

This Bengali coming of age film portrays the life of a 17-year-old boy, and revolves around his rocky relationship with his parents. He befriends a 19-year old girl and learns to find himself with her help. This family friendly movie tackles various themes around family and hence a great movie choice. 

Aate Di Chidi (Punjabi) 

A clash of the younger and older generation a family who live in Canada and decide to go to India. The decision of returning to India is received well by the older generation, but the younger generation isn’t happy about the same. This family friendly movie is filled with chaos and is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat with excitement. 

And on Disney+Hotstar

 Angrezi Medium (Hindi)

A series of hysterical mishaps take place in the process of a mithaiwala sending his daughter to London for further studies. This exciting narrative portrays a heart-stirring father-daughter bond with independence seen from both perspectives.

Gotro (Bengali)

A devoted Vaishnavite lives alone in a mansion, while her son lives abroad. She, therefore, hires a caretaker, who happens to be an ex-convict who wants to redeem himself. The duo starts to get very comfortable with each other and soon share a mother-son bond. At the same time, the latter is not aware of his Muslim identity. The movie covers the reality of the social issue and how their relationship is tested by it.

Prati Roju Pandage (Telugu)

Nearing his end, a man wants to meet his sons, but they all live in different parts of the world and cannot be by his side. But, his grandson makes it a point to make his grandfather’s last few days memorable.

Gifted (English)

The movie revolves around a legal battle between a mother and son who fight over custody of a child prodigy. One wants her to live a normal life like her mother would have wanted her to, and the other wants to explore the potential of the genius. This warm, moving movie portrays the need for love and family.

Chichore (Hindi)

A tragedy makes the protagonist get in touch with the past. His reunion with his college friends teaches the audience a lesson about life. Nostalgic entertainment that would make one feel like calling up their old friends and reminisce of their college days.

Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (English)

The movie focuses on the adventure of a boy living in a home for children with supernatural abilities, and explores a strong sense of attachment and the meaning of family.

Online Binline (Marathi) 

The story revolves around the protagonist who loves a girl but whom she knows only by his virtual identity. He is unable to take a step towards her in the real world but soon has to because his friend falls in love with the same girl. 

Do suggest any other family friendly movies you might have watched?

Header image source: a still from the film Rajwade and Sons

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