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Follow These Govt Guidelines For Home Quarantine; Take The Chance To Re-connect With Family

Posted: March 16, 2020

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We should take this chance to slow down and re-connect with family. This too shall pass taking a heavy toll, but how we saw it through will make the entire difference.

This pandemic, of COVID-19, is truly upon us. As global leaders test positive and self quarantine themselves, as nations seal their borders, as schools and colleges get closed, as cinema halls, malls, and pubs shut their doors, as stuff disappears from shelves, it is clear that it is an unprecedented situation.

A modicum of social self-restrictions, even at the cost of coming across as ‘uncool’ is imperative. Because we in India, are at the second stage of COVID19 and we barely have a month to go onto the third. Which will eventually happen! ‘When’ and ‘how much’ is unto us. It is in our sanitized hands to make sure the damage is limited.

At this time when the forces above are teaching us an important lesson, that there are no walls or religious diktats to divide us, it is eventually ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’. It will be months before the attendant economic bloodbath will cease and the whole overwhelming global ramifications will be felt.

A newer pecking order on the world’s stage will get written. We as Indians need to rise up from our petty battles, and worry about the war ahead.

Investing in technology and rebuilding the economy are the only religious tenets to follow for some time. We owe it to our children to leave a saner world to them.

If only those local Chinese authorities had listened to that good doctor Li Wenliang when the hush-hush started in Wuhan about a new Virus! We wouldn’t be witnessing these Armageddonish days!

Wise ones have said, every crisis opens up new opportunities.

Maybe it’s the nature’s way of cautioning us to slow down and smell the coffee

Let’s get back to basics, moderation.

Invest wholesomely in love.

Adapt to the frugality of non-essentials and richness of conversations.

Bring out those books, board games and fill your homes with laughter.

This too shall pass taking a heavy toll but how we saw it through will make the entire difference.

There are many parents out there whose children are studying in overseas universities, who haven’t come home yet. Or tireless intrepid souls who are manning the airports, the hospitals, the essential services.

Each day is agony for their brave families. Keep them too in your prayers.

Stay Safe. Adaab! Namaskar!

Image source: YouTube

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