Mother-Son Relationship And The Flavours Of ‘Rasam’

A mother draws a beautiful analogy that compares her relationship with her son to the tangy flavours of rasam.

A mother draws a beautiful analogy that compares her relationship with her son to the tangy flavours of rasam.

I made tomato rasam yesterday which reminds me of my childhood and taste of my mother’s wonderful cooking. Every time I make rasam, I try to mimic my mother’s recipe to get the same taste. Even though what I make tastes good, it certainly isn’t my mother’s rasam. Cooking is one thing that keeps her memory alive within me, even though I miss her everyday. The sweet nurturing memory that I get from drinking this rasam, got me thinking of how the relationships around me nourishes me, especially the one I have with my son.

I compare my relationship with my son to rasam. There are times when the flavors of his and my emotions are in balance, me a calm mother and he a happy child- A perfect cup of warm love for my soul. There are times when balance is tipped, just like how I cannot make the rasam taste the same everyday. On some days it is a bit spicy, especially if I had a tough day at work, some days it is just plain bland reflecting my own tiredness in enjoying his company. There are times when this liquid of love boils over with high energy play, laughter and cheer all around. Oh, what a delight it is to swim in this dynamic, ever evolving ever challenging relationship! I can’t believe my luck on having landed in such a sweet spot in my life.

I certainly want this love, this comfort food for my soul to spill over into all aspects of my life, be it enjoying myself as a wife, daughter, daughter-in-law or a working woman.

More often than not I am overwhelmed juggling so many things at once and I feel completely battered at the end of the day. Now I realize that no matter how hard my day has been, no matter how I tired I am there is always that warm cup of rasam waiting for me both figuratively and literally.

As I said, even though I try to mimic my mother’s love for me just like her rasam, I know I am inventing my own version of rasam for my son. Hopefully, when he grows up he can remember our love as he sips on a warm cup of rasam comforting both his soul and stomach.

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