11 Tips To Prevent Lockdown Times From Putting A Lock On Your Relationships!

During these lockdown times, it's time to start communicating, for real. You've spent more than two weeks with each other and likely, have another three weeks to go.

You have spent more than two weeks with each other and likely, have another three weeks to go. During these lockdown times, it’s time to start communicating, for real.

We have always thrived on relationships. We have grown up to believe that our existence is built with relationships and that is indeed true.

We also make sure that our world revolved around relationships, be it professional relationships or personal relationships. A little disturbance in any of these relationships is bound to cause a little havoc in our lives. Now what if I told you that you have all the time in world to work on these relationships? Yes, it is the current lock down, self quarantine mode we are all pushed into!

These times leave us with a limited stock of groceries but plenty of time to work on our selves and our relationships.

Before I run towards giving you tips on how to build or repair your relationship, have you been able to figure out what is needed in your relationship? In these times when the entire family is locked in together at home which definitely feels funny on certain occasions, clashes are bound to happen. Our houses are now filled with people and emotions at all times.

Do we really need so much time with our loved ones? Do we really need our spouses and kids in our face all the time? May be or may be not. May be we all are a little irritated with the situation which we were unprepared for! In times of social media, where most communications happened over various apps, it would indeed be a little different when you are sitting face to face across each other.

Times like these do not call for drastic measures but just for plain communication. So if you definitely do not want the feeling to poison each other clog your minds, here is what you should do.

You have spent more than two weeks with each other and likely, have another three weeks to go. In case you have been having trouble communicating your feelings with each other, start communicating right away.

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You are a team

Remember your family is our only team right now. There is no competition between each other right now. So, you need to work as a team. The way everyone shares and delegates responsibility at work, you need to do that now as well. This will not only ensure work getting done sooner, it will also take the load of just one person.


Communication is the key to every lock. So talk to each other, talk about how you feel, your fears, your inhibitions even your dream and your goals. Talk without the gadgets and listen without distraction. We are in this together literally and the only way to have peaceful relationships is to understand each other’s point of view.

Treat the other person how you want to be treated

These are basic rules of life, aren’t they? So before you decide to put on your devil horns and start judging someone, have you treated them fairly? Everyone wants to be treated with respect and love and so should they be treated.

Health is wealth for everyone

Sleep and health is a necessity for everyone and no one should be expected to part ways from it. Ensure each of you is getting their rest and gets time to concentrate on their wellness.

Time is precious

Time is precious for everyone too. Make your schedules and help each other stick to them. Ensure your activities don’t clash with each other which will give you enough time to spend with kids or handle other chores.

Fight alone

Incase you are upset with each other, talk in private. You definitely do not want the entire family getting involved in a spat. Ensure you hear each other out. If one person is letting out steam, the other person should be ready with glass full of water to help the other one calm down.

Plan for the future

There times are definitely out to test your relationship’s immunity as well however you need to make it strong.These times will give you enough time to think over your finances and plan them. It will also let you plan about your hobbies and work at length.

Share the load

We all want to raise independent and responsible humans. So with our kids watching us almost like hawks, now is the best time to demonstrate how to share responsibility. Divide your work, you will make errors but you will learn. Help with washing dishes, veggies, fruits, arranging the house. You can help with the laundry too (as suggested by the popular detergent ad!)

Give each other space

Yes even though we are confined in the shackles of our house, we still need to give each other space. Give time and space for the other to enjoy some of their favourite activity.

In it together

Yes, we are in it together – more than we want to be! So do fun things together to ease off the tension that is building around you. Binge watch a series, cook each other meals, dance or simply play some fun games together.


Yes, clinging on to technology couldn’t have seemed fairer than it is now but you need to distance yourself from the gadgets too. Instead, do one thing the other person likes everyday. Do not treat it like a fear factor task but actually get to learn and unlearn things about your partner or family.

You are literally inseparable right now, I mean even if you wanted to, you couldn’t be. So you are literally everything you promised to be to each other at the wedding alter. It’s time you became all that got lost amidst all the daily chaos. Following these simple tips will not only strengthen your bond but will make you each others true Valentines in quarantine.

Here’s a great video to watch together!

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