Like Good Managers, Mothers Also Have Plan A, Plan B, And Even Plan C In Place All The Time!

Mothers often need to be able to think on their feet, AND plan for any eventualities. The many alternatives they can think of can give any good manager a run for their money.

Mothers often need to be able to think on their feet, AND plan for any eventualities. The many alternatives they can think of can give any good manager a run for their money.

I was always inclined to study management. I was always inclined to dig out the creative prospect in the underlying principals of management. I definitely studied some aspects of management and did apply most of it in my corporate career. Eventually, motherhood glided into life and I realized being a mother was no less that pursuing a masters degree in management.

Companies seek scientific approach and management while looking for someone with a management degree. As a mother, our researches are no less than a scientific research. Right from trying to gauge the colour of the baby’s poop to the amount of milk they throw up while they burp, we are set to examine everything.

As a mother our concerns are always leavened when it comes to our kids diet. It is these concerns that lead us to mixing different ingredients into our kids diets’ just the way you would build up a scientific concoction.

These scientific and management programs ensure to give a working knowledge to their applicants, along with testing their analytical ability. Motherhood definitely tests our analytical abilities to a different level all together. We are adroit at not just analyzing situation before hand, we are experts at prepping up for any contingencies that are bound to occur.

The having of plans

We plan for any occasion or situation to the best of our abilities. We not only have PLAN A in place but also have PLAN B and C in place.

We are able to organize everything with swiftness and in a manner that is applaud worthy. As mothers we can organize with perfection with as little resources we have available. Organizing wardrobes, kids toys and book, organizing work spaces, we do everything with an ease, of having a magic wand.

We delegate with ease and always make sure that age and skill appropriate task are delegated. As a working professional of a stay home mother, we delegate with perfect instructions and also go back to check if the task is being completed efficiently.

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Our kids learn from what they see and hence being leaders at any front is never a challenge for a mother. Leading and giving our kids an example to follow is what we are naturally trained in.

When it comes to employee engagement programs, which ideally means keeping our kids and family entertained. Mothers can come up with the most entertaining activities for their kids with the least of resources. The quarantine lockdown is the best example of how as mothers we can fit everything into one schedule.

Following up when in a managerial set up is the best way to ensure whether set goals are met or not. As mothers we couldn’t follow up with our kids any less. Be it their meals, their school work or any activity assigned or their health check ups. we mothers are on top of everything.

I now sit here and wonder, what would happen if they came up with a degree in motherhood? Motherhood is after all no less than an ambitious management degree. Each of us mothers is however ingenious in the roles we play and no degree can match up to the assemblage of roles, we mothers are ought to play with our own demeanour.

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