Tips To Stay Healthy Amidst The Pandemic Chaos

We all need to take these small steps along with spreading positivity in order to win this battle.

We all need to take these small steps along with spreading positivity in order to win this battle.

Pandemic situation has hit us all hard. The current battle  seems like, it will be a while before it improves. We are duty-bound to practice social distancing from our loved ones. The act of love and kindness are more virtual than physical in this pandemic. The corona virus however is helping all of us build on our grit and determination for sure.

The foregoing viruses include not just corona virus but also include, hunger, homelessness, depression, abuse, violence and much more. People across the country are involved in community work. They are selflessly devoting their time and energy to help uplift the nation.

Vigilant And Aware

Obviously, the world has people that include a category that plumbs that they cannot contract the virus. No, I am definitely now hinting at the chaos being created on caste and creed. The little we speak about such people, the better it is for the human race. The corona virus situation needs all of us to be vigilant and alert. We absolutely cannot compromise on the measures of safety and hygiene. Social distancing has to be practiced without any alterations of our own.

The pandemic is impacting anyone and everyone. The disease is not just impacting your body but the worldwide situation that has been created, is impacting our minds too.

Hygiene And Social Distancing

Here are a few things we all can do to continue staying sane. Hygiene and Social distancing a must during Pandemic!

Do not compromise on hygiene and social distancing – Wear masks and wash hands with a soap. Use a sanitizer when washing hands is not feasible. Use a cloth, scarf, a homemade mask, if you are unable to source out the medical masks. Stay home as much as you can. When stepping out, exercise all the mentioned care. Wash yourself thoroughly when you are back indoors. Kids and seniors needn’t step out at all.

Mental Well-being

Mental well-being is above everything else. These times are tough for everyone out there. Most of us are indoors staying safe and protect. We surely have a lot to worry about too. However, there are so many of us who are on the front line helping people cope with the pandemic. Our mental well being is of utmost importance during these times.The best way to manage that is to accept our current situation and take one day at a time.

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Rest Well

Getting enough rest should you on your priority list. We, indeed have our work routines to maintain however lets not overdo things. The work from home situation is surely to provide some flex hours for most of us. Ensure, you get a good night rest and take adequate breaks between work hours too.

Focus On Your Diet And Health

We are all well aware on how everything is operational for limited hours. The hospitals and doctors are overworked too. These times surely do not need you to fall sick with small things. It is best we take all necessary measures to stay healthy and fit. Off course, we are indulging in all the deliciousness but let\’s balance it out. Ensure you get basic exercise and drink enough warm water too.

I definitely cannot say, “this too shall pass” however I know it will. Let’s pray, meditate and do everything within our limits to stay safe and healthy. We all need to take these small steps along with spreading positivity in order to win this battle.

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