Why I Think This Lockdown Is A Blessing In Disguise For Me And My Family!

As the entire nation is under a strict lockdown, there are certain good things coming out of it too. Here's a story of positivity during social distancing.

As the entire nation is under a strict lockdown, there are certain good things coming out of it too. Here’s a story of positivity during social distancing.

Every minute there’s a new update on television. The phone is always beeping with something new. And the only thing in air these days is the COVID-19 which technically doesn’t thrive too long in air. Amidst all this howl and scowl, there is one thing that’s adding life to our lives. And that is – fursat ke pal- leisure.

Just a few weeks ago, when life was in full swing, everything was fully in speed, none of us had time to sit back and think. Did anyone even imagine there would be a day when we would be slouching in couch? That Netflixing the whole day or eat-sleep-repeat can actually happen

Isn’t it a break we all need?

If we sideline the causal agent of this leisure that we are currently subjected to, this is actually a blessing in disguise! It is a break- a much needed break that we and our bearer- mother earth: the nature required.

Under any other circumstances, nobody was ready to relax… no one could afford to do just nothing! Consistently and consciously everyone was running through their lives. They were rubbing off and corroding everything that they came across, without giving any time or scope to it. Without giving it time to heal or repair.

Suddenly dropped a minuscule in the ocean of our being and everything came to a halt. The virus restricted our movements. Each one of us is secluded in our homes. There’s no activity going on outside our four walls which had been occupying most of our time earlier.

#stayhomestaysafe is the cult today. And though it might be difficult for most of us, believe me, it’s the time nature is giving itself to repair the wear and tear it has gone through for ages. 

I believe it is an opportunity to lead a slower life

Now that we have this chance to stay at home and spend time with our family, I think of it as an opportunity. An opportunity to repair my wear and tear as well… like earth! 

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Our terrace garden is blooming better than before with fresh leaves and buds since we are all investing in gardening. There I start the day with my cup of lemon tea, in the morning breeze, relishing the chatter of birds.

The air seems fresher and the sounds appear more appealing as there is no hurry in my head. Only after the second cup of tea with my husband do we start the day. Like they were in war with the germs and dirt, our family cleans the house together.

I personally take swabbing as a perfect exercise. Bathing sessions are also considerably longer these days owning to the time and the hygiene factor. I cook a happy meal and we all eat together. For rest of the day we have different activities to be paid attention to.

Children are learning French from a book we had got a year ago but never opened. They are also learning about the world- about different countries. My daughter and I are learning a dance number with the help of youtube tutorials.

Apart from working from home, husband has picked up the paint and brush to live his dream that was shelved for years now. By the time this lockdown terminates I hope we will showcase a gallery with his canvases. The little munchkins are washing their plates, dusting and arranging their book racks.

We are decluttering, our house and lives too

We are taking one corner a day and decluttering little by little. Evening is the sport time, when there’s lot of hubbub about who is cheating and who is not. But between all this is sheer joy. With the delicious home cooked dinner and binge watching the day ends without worrying about setting alarm for the next morning. 

When all this began, it was difficult for everyone to understand and digest it and its importance. However, now we understood that the most important thing in times like this is compassion for other human being. We gave advance salary to our house-help and leave for these 21 days. And also try to feed the stray animals we happen to see in front of our house at times.

This slumber night not be very enchanting for long, but for the time being, as is the dire need of the hour. Let’s live this life that we have in this moment of pure dormancy.

These days are going to add a lot to us, and it is upto us to decide what we want to carry and what should be laid off. Make the stay a happy stay!

Picture credits: Still from webseries Yeh Meri Family

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