The Corona War

The many champions of the war against the Corona virus.

Time to stop and reflect
Not to run and regret .
Our busy lives have been paused
Is it something to applaud?

The roads are completely empty
Deserted park benches are in plenty,
The cars are not honking as always
The highways are not clogged as always .

Stay at home is the mantra for all
Don’t go out at all,
Staying home is the best remedy
To keep away from the malady.

Read the book you always wanted to read
Try out the hobby you always wanted to breed ,
Watch the movie you always wanted to watch
Clean that closet that has been a hotch potch.

Heart goes out to all in the frontline
Who are facing the calamity with might;
They are putting their lives in danger
By dealing with a million strangers .

Let’s take a minute to honor them
We are all in awe of them,
Let’s stay safe and be healthy
Try to save the world from this calamity .

Image via Pixabay

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