Why We Need To Let Go Of Pain To Begin The Process Of Healing

Once you go through something painful, it becomes difficult to move on from that situation. This is why you need to let go of your pain to start healing and attaining peace.

Once you go through something painful, it becomes difficult to move on from that situation. This is why you need to let go of your pain to start healing and attaining peace.

“Let love touch your inner being and abode in its sacred throne – pure, placid and pristine.”

I know some incredibly strong women who have been through the most devastating situations yet came out as warriors with unbreakable spirits. No matter how much I try to appreciate them, it just wouldn’t be enough. It is not just their incredible strength to surpass the storms but also the love and goodwill in their hearts that stays the same. This is the only fact that makes me revere them and say one word for them- Respect.

All of us go through several experiences throughout our lives- some good and some not as good. But it is only in the face of adversity that we realise what we are made of and what our true essence is. In such circumstances, we have to options- either we let the situation define us or make a choice to deal with it.

Quite obviously, the latter can be daunting- depending on the level of the effect. There may be times we cringe and may even consider running away from it simply to avoid the discomfort it’ll bring us.

But is that the idea way to deal with things? No. Not at all. The reason being at some point in life, you will have to deal with what is bothering you and find your own inner peace.

Let’s try to analyse how we can achieve the inner peace:


The first step, that not too many people even want to dwell upon, is definitely realisation. Accepting existing situations or even areas of discomfort is the first and foremost step towards empowering your vulnerability.

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Each thought that we create and the power it brings to us is tremendous and untapped. The majority of us are not even aware of our thought-pattern, more so of the fact that we have a choice in creating our thoughts. Of course, all these need daily efforts to cultivate a conscious way of living.


Our thoughts create our emotions. Learning to deal with emotions is another aspect we need to handle with care. This is mostly because it is very easy to get carried away in vulnerable times. Especially when your mind is chaotic and you view everything very subjectively.

It helps to have someone who can help you by providing clarity, especially if you find it difficult to find it on your own. However, be careful whom you open your heart up to. As much as we want someone to second our thoughts and beliefs, we also need someone who will help us look at things objectively.


Once we figure out our awareness to create thoughts and similar emotions, we have the clarity of mind to purify the emotions and thoughts. It is vital that we remember that people act according to their own beliefs and understanding and that these may not always be the same as ours.

Feeling negative towards either yourself or others, will create a disturbance in your mind and impact your soul and inner peace. That doesn’t mean you give in to them. It simply means that we decide how we want to deal with it- whether you want to let it become a deciding factor in your life or if you want to put it as a life experience and learn from it.


It’s one of the most crucial factors when it comes to healing because no two people will ever experience a similar level of pain. The proportion will differ and so will the time period. You have to allow yourself the time to feel the gamut of emotions yet make sure you’re working on yourself positively. This is one such opportunity to put your entire energy into something constructive and worth learning.

We all have an inner spark. And we need to remind ourselves every day that there’s incredible strength inside us it is only unleashed amidst the adversities that life puts us through. Our life is nothing but a series of experiences, one after the other, an amalgamation of many a kind. It entirely depends upon us what kind of life we want to make, a better one or a bitter one.

I firmly believe that if we live our life with sincerity and goodwill in our hearts, then no matter what challenge life throws at us, we’ll bounce back. Having this sense of strength and clarity within oneself is so important in order to be able to put experiences of life into something productive. I believe that is the only way to grow and flourish. Eventually, we all are mere mortals, the least we can do in our lifetime is to hold on to our inherent goodness.

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