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The kind of relationship you share with yourself becomes the foundation of your other relationships as well.

STRENGTH- An eight letter word that is so powerful that it defines your very existence. Human beings differ from each other, so do our lives. But, we all have our struggles and we fight it too in our own way. Why does it seem possible to weather any storm for a certain group of individuals, let’s say ‘STRONG-WILLED ONES’ and for another section, it seems quite an uphill task? What is strength? Where does it reside? Is it really within us? Then how come we’re so blurred with our vision?

Strength is innate, it’s within us only. Perhaps, some people are born familiar with it, others discover it along the journey. So, let’s try to analyze how does it work for the latter??

Individuality and clarity

We all are unique in our own way. I know that’s the most cliched line, but that’s the truth. We all need to know our core really well. By that, I mean the courage as well as the clarity to stand out from the crowd. Many a time, we find ourselves struggling with inner conflicts and it becomes an internal battle. The sheer courage to take a stand or even the conviction to put forth our ideas, if that differs from the majority is not something that comes easy to all of us. Our mind is conditioned in such a way that we’re often taught to be a part of the majority. I have always been a firm advocator of transparency, whether it’s your thoughts or the person you’re. Never shy away from speaking your mind but at the same time do not lose your compassion and empathy.

Being in touch with your core

So, what does this really mean? We all often struggle to find out true calling. This is also because of the conditioning again. Case in point being, a career in engineering and medicine being a preferred career for youngsters even if they do not possess the required skills or perhaps a certain interest which is required to sustain in the long professional journey. Also, the fact there’s is this deeply ingrained nature in us to not just compete with others but also outdo them. How often do we really buy stuff for our own convenience and not to show off our wealth status? My reason for stating all the above points is just to emphasize the fact that we need to find our own values, individuality, uniqueness, passion and mandate and follow it accordingly. If and when we feel there’s something to change which can perhaps add more value to my life, we should definitely do it. After all, change is the only constant in life.

The sensitivity of sensitive people

What’s wrong with sensitivity? Nothing, it’s a human nature to feel, for some it’s too deep. As long as you care for others, have a heart full of love, there’s absolutely nothing wrong. But, there’s always a fine line between being sensitive towards self and others and drowning in self-pity. So, how do you recognize that? I feel sensitivity is an awareness of sentiments of people and understanding it from an objective point of view. Self-pity is always fatal because it just confines you to your point of view. As they say, there are always two sides to a coin, when you’re so drowned with your own partial perception, it creates a blurred vision for sure which is far away from reality.

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Lastly, I would like to say we all possess incredible strength within us. It’s just that we need to discover it in our lifetime. But, before you embark on the journey to become mentally and emotionally strong, one thing you must remember the first step begins with you always. Yes!!, the kind of relationship you share with yourself becomes the foundation of your other relationships as well. Just imagine how the relationship of two people will be if there’s no respect, no care, no understanding, no compassion, no time for each other. Our relationship with our own self is just like that.

Not just physical well-being but also emotional well-being should be our priority in life, especially in this day and age where anxiety and depression have become such a common thing irrespective of the age bracket which is also a growing grave concern for all of us. Be aware of your consciousness. Live consciously so that you do not shy away from addressing your areas of discomfort and dealing with them adeptly.

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