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Here’s To Making The 366 Days Of 2020 Happier And More Productive, In 4 Ways

Posted: January 6, 2020

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It’s been a week now, into the new year 2020, and time to mull upon our New Year’s resolutions and upcoming plans to make the most of all the days.

For making this year more productive, one needs to be more enthusiastic and energetic. So, what will it take? This year should not be just about traveling, getting fit, and reaching all the financial goals but something much more than that. Go back to the drawing board and start something wonderful.

Become a better human being

This is not easy. For becoming a better person life may demand a lot of things. You need to start making modifications both in your personal and professional lives.

Try not to be stressed out for an entire day and then try the same for an entire week. There will be one or other fear inside you or there can be something that always troubles you. It can be fear in moving professionally or facing someone in your personal life.

Find out that one thing and try to go against it. A successful year can be defined as that year in which you won your fear, you became a better human being, or read a lot of books. It need not be restricted to this – it can also be goals like ‘you impacting someone’s life’

Become more joyful

This is still harder than you think.

Stop yelling at your family members and co-workers. Spend time with kids and learn to be happy from them. Always open your doors for change and don’t resist it. Stress is something that is bothering the majority of the people on this planet. Never allow stress to overtake your positive thoughts.

Find better ways to express yourself. Always think that you are in a better position than many people on this earth who are seeking food and shelter. Just because some problem is bothering you, there is no point in sitting idle and build a cage around you. Go out and see the world. There is always one person who will be facing more trouble than you do.

Be productive to others

It’s not just about you. You can be productive to others as well and make the best out of these 366 days. Plan to share your knowledge, time, and money with others. Try to learn from everyone and every situation. It helps you to grow and be a better person.

Open your eyes and see any miracle happening around you. It can be blossoming of a flower or tweeting of a bird, or raindrops falling on a seed. Nature is full of miracles and you can discover magic everywhere. This life on the planet itself is a miracle and you need wide eyes open to understand this.

The frame of mind is everything

Becoming productive and making all these 366 days productive is not just about earning more money, reaching financial goals, and getting healthy. It’s about changing your attitude and becoming a better person. It’s not just about this year but the thought that this year will build the right step towards the future.

Have a mindset that doesn’t fluctuate with changes in your surroundings. Be practical and accept anything that comes on your way.

Making a year productive is in your hands. Try to sign out from things that make you down, and log in to things that boost your energy. Every day comes with some hidden opportunities but you need a mindset to find it out.

Image source: pexels

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