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To All The Women In My Life, Thank You For Leaving Such A Great Impact

I feel there is something to learn from every woman in fact from every human being. This International Women's Day I thank all the women who made a great impact in my life.

I feel there is something to learn from every woman in fact from every human being. This International Women’s Day I thank all the women who made a great impact in my life.

Even though I chose women’s day to thank all women who made a great impact on my life, for some of them I will be thankful throughout my life. I feel there is something to learn from every woman in fact from every human being.

Women in my childhood

At an early age, I learned all kinds of household work and that was because of my aunt. Knowingly or unknowingly she taught me the value of time and being independent. If I am showing some unconditional love to someone today, that is because of my sisters. They never expected anything from me but always poured love towards me. Sisters are more than friends and they made the highest impact on my life. Growing up, feminine took the form of teachers and they stood behind me. There are many of them but the impact made is the same.

My Second Mother

My mother-in-law is one of the women who made the highest impact on my life. There are countless things I learned from her. Making sacrifices, taking care of the family, showing kindness to everyone, being patient, and forgive all, many more things to learn from her.

Learning from All

Thinking about my life and impact by women, I think I grabbed something from every woman. So, it is difficult to name a few. I observe the lady who sells flowers in front of my house, my maid who works as a donkey for her daughters, the lady drives a cab, a lady conductor in a bus, a lady who begs by holding her tiny baby. Yes, I have learned something from every woman. Some impact may be less and some may be great. But the most important thing is every woman’s life is around her kids and family. She can do anything for them and struggles to make them happy. I have picked that zeal from my maid and energy from that flower seller which is driving their life daily.

Impact Continues

The impact can be done in many ways. It can even happen just by reading a book wrote by a woman or listening to a speech by a woman. There will be a role model in every woman’s life. But in my case, I have chosen many. If it comes to my profession I have a role model and when it comes to running my family I have different.

When I started my writing profession I had no clue how to take this in the proper direction. At this point, a woman held my hand and helped me. I can see a great impact on my life recently both professionally and mentally by her. In each phase of my life, there was a woman to pull me and direct me on the right track. It may be friends or family members or neighbours or strangers. They came in one or other form and helped me out. I have learned extraordinary courage from some women and other valuing relationships. Some women in my life taught me about determination. There are some on whom I can rely on any time like my friend.

Thankful to all 

On this occasion of women’s day, I am trying to make a list of woman who made a great impact on my life. But, the list goes on. It may not be possible to go back and thank them all. Rather I help every woman on my way. Of course, we are a single team irrespective of caste, creed, and religion. Let’s all celebrate women’s day together by helping another woman in need.

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