Easy Hacks For A Simple Life

Article about easy life hacks for a healthy life.

Shriveled up in our homes, locked away from the outside world, have we forgotten to go an extra mile to take care of ourselves? Read further for hacks to do the same. 

We are locked inside the home for six months. We have never faced this type of situation and never have been locked and scared throughout our life. We were enjoying the outings, holidays, and weekend mall visits. What happened now? We are thinking twice about visiting the next store and can’t even imagine a holiday. Lockdown is hard, and fear of infection is the worst. But, the pandemic has brought us opportunities to learn new things and taught us to be safe.

Follow these hacks to stay safe and healthy.

Welcome your day with coconut oil therapy

We use coconut in many forms and our daily day cooking. If you want to boost your immunity, you should combine coconut milk and two spoons of rice before your meals. Make it a habit, and you will see wonders happen.

If you are facing weight gain sitting at home, here is a remedy. As soon as you wake up, you can have a spoon of coconut oil and drink warm water immediately. The therapy can bring the best results, and you will feel light in a few days.

Drink date milk and skin breakfast

Some days, you may not get time to cook your first meal. It is not a good idea to skip breakfast since it is a source of nutrition for the entire day. It is the first meal of the day, and breakfast is needed to boost your energy.

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On days when you don’t feel like eating breakfast, have date milk. Take a glass of milk on the stove and add one piece of date. Boil milk till it is reduced to half of the initial amount. Have this thick date milk, and you can skip your breakfast. It brings all the nutrition you expect from any other breakfast.

Get exposed to the sun

Nowadays, people rely on vitamin D supplements for their nutritional needs. In some cases, it may be necessary, and people should go with the doctor’s recommendation.

But, if you are healthy, it is always better to satisfy your body’s vitamin D needs through sun exposure. You may be packed with household work, but take some time out and sit in the sun.

Do it yourself

If you are working women, it is hard to do household work on your own. The pandemic has taught us many things, and it made one thing clear that it is possible to keep the house clean without depending on the domestic help. Till everything becomes normal, it is better to share work between family members.

Lemon water therapy for better gut

We are not going out, and some people do not have access to a proper walking path. You may be scared to enter the park and walk for some time. So, physical activity is diminishing day by day.

There must be some alternative to reduce stubborn fat on our bodies. Lemon water therapy is one of them. After dinner, before going to sleep, have a cup of hot water with one spoon lemon juice and a pinch of jaggery to it.

Always make the right decision before putting food on your plate. Make sure the food you ate before has digested before taking another meal.

Follow easy hacks and lead a simple life.

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