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Things I Learned As A Mother

Posted: December 29, 2020

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There was a phase where I missed my full-time job, my friends, outings, and family get-togethers. But not now, because I feel I left everything to become a new person.

Motherhood is the best phase in every woman’s life and it is the same for me. It’s been seven years now being a mother to my handsome boy. There are a lot of things I have understood, learnt, and discovered after his birth. Life has transformed in a better way. I feel I have moulded and  adapted really well to motherhood.

Of course, it was not easy in the initial stage. Accepting a new life was a real struggle. But, it is also true that we learn and enjoy plenty of things in this phase.

Motherhood taught me multitasking

I was not so organized before becoming a mother. But, now I can easily handle several tasks at the same time. Household chores look negligible and straightforward now. I have become organized and systematic. More than that, I feel I have the ability to handle everything now.

I have learned to lie a lot for good

Yes, there is no shame. I became a great liar after becoming a mom. I tell him, “you are stronger and intelligent than many kids”,  “You are a great painter, you should try more.”

I can lie more to motivate and push him towards good habits.

I have started to try everything on my path

Earlier, other than my office work, I did not focus on anything in this world. But, my baby pushed me to try everything. He encourages me to try new dishes. Because of him, I am interested in cooking, drawing, and painting too, which were not a part of my life earlier. I started learning many things, and now, I am open to a new world.

Motherhood has taught me the value of time and money

If you want to enjoy every minute of your life, then you should be a mother. My son values every little thing in this world. I can surprise him with a tiny toy or a piece of cake. How can kids be like that? They are wonders created by God. There is no need to read a book to understand the value of time. All we need to understand is our kids.

I feel I am important

I am a simple human being with no extra talent, I am not ‘special.’ I am a hard-working, multitasking mom and a teacher who grants all the wishes in my kid’s world. My son thinks I am capable to do anything. That is why I feel I am an important and a better person in his world.

There was a phase where I missed my full-time job, my friends, outings, and family get-togethers. But not now, because I feel I left everything to become a new person. I was on a path to become a new human being with no guilt and a person with more confidence.

After handling kids, household chores in-between my work and hobbies today, I can achieve anything in this world. Motherhood has transformed me into a person with self-respect and talent.

 Image Source : Pixabay

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