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5 Cool Tips For The Working Parent To Ace Quality Time With The Kids

It becomes difficult to balance work and home especially when you want to spend some quality time with your children. I will share a few amazing ways to enjoy the most of your "we" time.

It becomes difficult to balance work and home especially when you want to spend some quality time with your children. I will share a few amazing ways to enjoy the most of your “we” time.

Sometimes, it happens that our kids come running to us at the end of the day when we return from work, to share their whole day’s happenings. Be it an achievement, argument with friends or they just had a bad day and unfortunately, we couldn’t give them enough quality time to make them feel important which disappoints them.

Spending quality time strengthens the bond of a parent and child. It’s not that you need to spend each and every second after coming home with them. It can just be those 45 minutes before bedtime which can help you being close to him and build your bond strong.and for this ,you need to follow an important advice:


Ensure that they get that undivided attention in that hour.

Listen to what they’re saying and respond to her/his questions.

Have dinner together as a family.

Here are some activities for working parents to bond and spend quality time with your child :

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Share your whole day’s story with them

This is the solution to the problem which most parents face – that their children lead a secretive life.

My daughter is just 2 years old but I always make sure to talk to her about how her day was and also share how was my day in office and my only motive to do so is to make her a part of my life and inculcate the habit of sharing things with me. Though she’s too young to express herself, I’m sure when she grows up, she’ll be sharing it all with me.

Let them give a helping hand in what you do at home

Offer some responsibilities to them after coming home so that you can complete the chores and spend some time together too.

I usually make my daughter participate in cooking activities while preparing dinner like pouring water while I knead dough etc.This way she stays with me at that time plus we spend good time together.

Make the best use of weekends

I have a pre-planned schedule for weekends. I always make sure to make the most of those two days to bond strongly. We generally spend time in parks, gardens, following our hobbies, going to the market together or to watch movies.

To make sure that we spend least time in watching the screen, we come home only to take rest, have meals and completing the chores.

Take a family vacation

Plan a family vacation in advance by booking all tickets and accommodations as it would help you get a discount too.

I always make a list of long weekends in an year and pre book our visit to different places. Thanks to so many useful apps these days that we get not only discounts but full refund too if we aren’t able to make it at the last moment. This is an awesome way to spend good time not only with your kids but with your distant family members too.

Reading together

This is my personal favourite, when it comes to spending time together. Reading a book together when they are small and asking them to read a story to you when they’re able to, makes both of you sit together and listen to each other.

A quick to do list to spend those quality moments with your child.

*No matter what,take time out for your children.

*Limit Screen time

*Listen to them when they are speaking

*Have a bedtime bonding routine

*Make the best use of weekends

I hope that my post gives you some ideas on how to take some time out of your busy schedules to spend quality time with your precious ones as it helps in their physical and emotional well being.

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