Pati, Patni Aur New Bachha: How To Solve The Conundrum Of The Millennial Love Triangle

As new parents, how can you as a couple still manage to keep the spark alive and strengthen your relationship? 

As new parents, how can you as a couple still manage to keep the spark alive and strengthen your relationship? 

Are you wondering when your marital bliss turned from 2 for joy to 3 for trouble?

Are all your endeavors no more ‘together’ but ‘three-gather’ instead?

Do you find yourself pondering if the bundle of joy was to add to all the happiness and love but instead find the love and attention divided?

As a working professional I hardly get a couple of hours back home so how on Earth can you balance ‘me-time’, ‘we time’ as well as ‘couple time’?! Read further to find doable hacks to bring your love life back on track.

Find time

Steal time from your schedule: Remember how every free minute would be used to call your fiancé for sweet nothings. Try to be the same happy anxious you in connecting to your married partner. The 8-9 hours you do not spend in physical proximity of your spouse as well as kid is in turn opportunity to focus on your per-marital days and act like a giggling teenager yourself!

Free talk: Just like your child needs some free time that is unstructured, keep aside a few minutes for freewheeling chats between the two of you. Make sure no daily decisions crop into this chit chat, it should be totally abstract maybe about your hopes and dreams. This could be just before you start the daily hustle or a small postprandial walk before hitting the bed. Picture yourself in the arms of your spouse and talking of the life ahead!

Form habits

Give each other compliments: Clearly this does not need a time on your calendar. Share a selfie to seek feedback on your OOTD. Find a pic of your courtship period and use the filters of your choice on it. Or just send GIFs to flirt with your spouse. These small gestures are what go a long way and they do not burn a hole in your pocket. Cheap thrills I would say!

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Learn to express non-sexual love: This is the most underrated and often misunderstood love language. While most Venusians can relate to it, almost all Martians are alien to this form of expression. Holding hands, fondling hair, kissing on the forehead, plain hugging and air kissing are all also ways to show your love. Just like infants respond to such expressions from their caretakers, your partner too might find this as a setting ground for more intimacy later during the day.

Find common favorites

Couple fitness goals: Why not utilize the mornings to run or work out together! While individual preferences may vary, find a common activity that you both can manage to do together. This could be brisk walks in the neighborhood park or a salsa class you find interesting. From every day to once a week, once the habit sets in both of you would look forward to it like anxious love-birds!

Catch series/short clips together: Going to the movies is passe. So is watching an entire movie or binge watching your fav series. But we clearly live in a world full of interesting content, there is one for every pair of eyeballs. So grab short videos or mini-series which catch both of your’s interest and spend quality time getting entertained!

How did you turn your dull sexless life around? What practical hacks helped you bring your love life back on track? Share with me in comments below and help more new mothers find practical solutions to the often neglected and least spoken about post-partum problem.

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