Unwind, Unbox, Unravel In These Times Of Social Distancing

Stay indoors, stay safe. No socializing, no large gatherings.

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Stay indoors, stay safe. No socializing, no large gatherings. So what do we do then, boredom is bound to creep in since we are used to the outdoors like supermarkets, malls, multiplexes, gardens, exhibitions and just site seeing in our own city if not traveling around.

Add to it the double edged sword called Work from Home, which gives you another couple of hours at hand. This time saved from daily commute is such a big boon, that unless we utilize it wisely we are bound to feel bogged down. So let’s do some bit of R&R, get going on some pending projects and plan for the sunny future ahead!

Self goals

Learning never ends – Take up that baking course you also dreamt of, pick up that long desired auto-biography you wanted to get your hands on. Or just surf the apps and up-skill yourself at your current workplace.

Finish that long due DIY task – Remember how you complained that your weekdays give you no time to take up any new task at home. So now is the time; spring clean your wardrobe, finishing the baby book, experiment with your new hair styling appliance. These are activities which you otherwise struggle to find time for and now can build into your routine to break the monotony!

Self-care is the best love – Pamper thyself. Take long showers, give yourself pedi/mani and treat you tresses to the hair spa which is long pending. The net is loaded with DIY tips, hacks and videos for your consumption!

Couple goals

Couch potatoes – Cosy up watching his or your all-time favourite movies. Make a playlist of such and unwind for some time every day. Include those never watched documentaries, series and classics that one of you always had on your wish list.

Double the activity, double the joy – Get moving, either inside or outside the house. Run out or take a stroll hand in hand. Or stay at home tending to your plants or doing couple yoga.

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Take a trip down the memory lane – When was the last time you both old album books, videos, pictures of wedding/dating/other social events/ trips undertaken

Family goals

Go retro – Back in the not-so-connected era, we used to play board games or indoor games like carom, chess, cards, UNO, monopoly and have fun jotting down points. Small celebrations around each win will make it a thing to look forward to.

Dream on – Play the fun game of “where is the next vacation?” Involve the entire family to bring in the wildest ideas and chart your travel destinations for the next few years

Go online – It is the time to socialize with your extended families – another city, country or continent. Put technology to best use and connect without much rhyme or reason. It’s the time to be jolly!

Parenting goals

Daag acche hain – Plan for those messy fussy activities involving water, clay, paints, flour, dough, potted plants- all those activities which you have always avoided just due to the mess and time involved. That’s your way of showering time on your kiddo!

Info-tainment – Try reading books together, recite rhymes or kid songs, play the casio/guitar. The child would learn unknowingly from these fun knowledge sessions!

Become a kid yourself – Kids love if you join in in the games that they play- whether role plays or jumping on mattresses. Let go and hit the child’s play arena!

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