The A to Z of Mobile Apps

There are apps to help you improve your well being in all spheres of life. Read on to discover the A to Z of mobile apps.

Do you own a smartphone? How many apps are installed in it? How many of them are making you better each day- and no I am not just talking about enhancing your wardrobe or spending monies from your wallet- there are apps to help you improve your well being in all spheres of life. Read on to discover the A to Z of mobile apps,  that you may find useful in your daily life.

Amazon – Look at it as a grocery store or your local kirana wala, after all the subscriptions to monthly items are a saviour both with respect to the money spent on a repetitive purchase as well as the replenishment service which makes you a champion of not forgetting those important “can not do without stuff” say baby diapers, staple foods, toiletries, etc.

Blinkist – Though it started as a book summarization service, the app is a storehouse of knowledge which you can access on the go. You get to choose from a large variety of genre and each book is organized into blinks which are small logical chapters of the entire material. Icing on the cake is it is all fitted into a 15 minute audio book; keeping it light, simple as well as interesting for you. You can choose to read or listen to the book; all on the go!

Calendar – Mixing your personal as well as professional meeting invites, reminders and notifications in one single google Calendar make life so easy for me to manage my time as a whole. It makes you well armed to manage both your professional as well as personal commitments like a pro! #Bonus: Calculator – Is also a must have app for all those tiny decisions one has to make basis numbers. While you can always do the math mentally or on a piece of paper, a tiny screen can sometimes help put across your point in a jiffy!

Drive – Another app from the house of Google, use it as a vault for soft copy of your valuable documents or a cloud storage for your work stuff all organized just as you would in your traditional storage. Plus point, you may even mark certain files and folders to be available offline (comes handy when travelling overseas with limited connectivity).

Elevate – With the look and feel of a mobile game, this app promises to not bore you. It comes with a dose of daily sessions with 3 games which are short sweet and entertaining. Aimed at improving one’s overall communication skills including comprehension, vocabulary and grammatical errors, its fun to keep oneself updated and at top of the language game!

Fit – A basic health app with features to log vital statistics, daily diets and an in-built pedometer, this app can serve as your health companion. Use it to track your fitness goals as well as weight loss progress; it can connect to most fitness devices for external data. Though I personally like the inbuilt sensor’s accuracy which captures walking, running and biking quite efficiently.

Gaana – While there are a plenty of music apps, Gaana has a good mix of not only Hindi and English music but also hosts many regional languages music. The algorithm for daily mixes and recommendations works very well & the Gaana originals are very original tracks to look out for.

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Hebbar’s Kitchen – The ultimate app for all foodies & cooking aspirants. While it hosts only veg recipes, it covers starters, desserts and main course alike from all corners of Indian cuisine. The format of only visuals and sounds works very well, plus the videos are crisp bringing the cooking experience for you on the go!

Inshorts – A best selling app generating informative as well as interesting content in less than 60 words, even Hindi news and genre from sports to science are now covered by this app. The near real time refresh and addition makes sure you are updated about the latest happenings in the fastest and shortest possible manner!

JIGSAROID – JIGSAW GENERATOR – Totally loved the concept of playing traditional jigsaws on a handheld digitally and race your neurons. Plus is that it converts any image into a puzzle so you control what you like!

Keep Notes – Another app from the google stable, I use it as a notepad to scribble all my blog thoughts and to do lists for the planner in me. Customized & out of the box labels come very handy to sort one’s thoughts and I am an ardent fan of being able to archive and trash old notes. It is like a simplified task planning tool for me, since I even share and collaborate with team members over it.

LinkedIn – While there are many alternative social media which can double up as your professional networking tool; it pays to have a presence and make it felt on LinkedIn since it is the largest and fastest growing community for all kinds of professions. Whether you are a budding entrepreneur, a  corporate slave or non-for-profit volunteer, download this app and build your own network for furthering your career pursuits and bring in more business!

Meragana – I really enjoyed this app because I karaoke lightens up not only parties but also one’s own mood! Has a large collection of Indian songs and newer songs keeps getting added to the library. So download this and unleash the singer within you anywhere, anytime. #Bonus: Maps from Google is the ultimate go-to for your drives, runs and even discovery of places nearby from restaurants to curio shops to events alike!

Netflix – Who doesn’t need a daily dose of humour, sarcasm and drama! This app has undoubtedly the best algorithm to bring in new suggestions based on your history and has the widest and most updated content both western as well as Indian. The single device (read only mobile) subscription comes at only INR 199 with decent streaming speed and resolution – totally crushing this one!

Olx – Recycle, reuse, reduce. This app not only helps you declutter but you can become a pro at sourcing the best pre-loved wares like exotic furniture pieces & hobby tools. Not just buy, you can also sell wares that are no longer in use at decent prices. It works like this, you post a classified ad with pictures, dimensions and related details, buyers-sellers contact via chat/phone call and once deal is sealed, the platform handles the shipping & transportation on your behalf!

Pinterest – A picture speaks a thousand words. And a collection of images, GIFs and videos is nothing short of a storehouse of ideas for every occasion. From travel tips to wedding ideas, this is a one-stop shop to sort your ideas pictorially, I keep pinning my favs to the pinboard and love discovering latest pins on my interests like fashion, travel, motherhood. #Bonus: Photos, another Google stable app is like my photographs on the cloud, accessible from anywhere and shareable at a swipe; nothing makes organizing memories simpler.

Quora – Tune into this crowdsourcing app to answer any of your query or to enlighten the world with your personal gyaan; quora is the best place to gather know how on anything under the sun. From travel reviews to product management hacks and real life experiences in dealing with relationships, if you use a filter in your mind you can mine for expert advice and gain from it!

Rosetta Stone – Think of learning a language – maybe the one which is your next travel destination or probably the one your business might take you to – this app makes learning fun, simple and extremely handy. This gamified yet classical UX helps keep your interest and sail through the lessons in a jiffy. #BonusDuolingo is another app that tops my list of language learning apps, more colorful and cheerful but a bit repetitive in the lessons and quizzes. Nevertheless being a free app, arms you with basic conversational skills at zero cost!

Swiggy – The king of food aggregator apps; serves in a radius of 5 kilometres and from a wide variety of restaurants and mostly in less than an hour. You can even give special instructions regarding the food, delivery or packaging and they are followed to the T. They only let you place order for dishes in stock and you can order from multiple restaurants in multiple orders. So sign up, scroll menus and make safe payments for all your hunger pangs!

Tedx – Undoubtedly the best place for motivational, inspirational and real life stories from those who lived through the ordeal themselves. There are no limits to the topics you can chose to listen- from medical triumphs to mountaineering feats, from occupational outlooks to one’s coming out. Tune in and listen for your daily slice of life!

Uber – Why own when you can get a well maintained car with a driver who can navigate with GPS! That’s Uber for the millenials, and even other generations can make the most of this instant ride hailing service from one’s smartphone. While the pricing does work basis demand supply equation, their algorithm ensures you get the best ride in as little time as possible.

VSCO: A little know app which helps touch up your posts before they make it to Instagram. I personally love the subtle and soft filters, with built in customization to fine-tune exposure, tinge, contrast, temperature and skin tones. So go on and play with your shots like never before!

WhatsApp – The basic mode of communication of this decade, it even beats real time phone calls when people want to talk but at their own convenience and pace! Allowing one to share not just text but images, contacts and even documents, I even use it to keep small sticky notes about my day or blog ideas when I have nothing to scribble on. Pro tip: Broadcast allows sending a message to multiple receivers and no one gets to know its a mass communication attempt you made, wink!

Xender – My go to sharing app; send files, folders and data heavy content like audio video clips. One can even send APKs and software files through it. Works on internal hotspot and doesn’t consume your data much, stay assured that you can share, create a folder structure and even view files from within this app.

Youtube –  Like it or hate it but you can not ignore it. This is one app that hosts zillions of videos and allows you to like, subscribe any channels and bookmark, download your favorite videos onto your smartphone. But mind it, there is a deluge of content so one has to be discrete in not wasting time finding good gems, you can set in-app reminder to keep a track of the time spent here!

Zomato – While not my favourite food aggregator, it is my yellow pages meets tripoto for dining out. For special occasions or even casual hangouts, I like to finalize the venue as per my mood, book in advance and even scroll through the menu and reviews beforehand. Totally love the fact that it helps you make an informed decision when you want to treat yourself to good food and great ambience!

Do try out these apps and tell me your fav ones by leaving comments/suggestions below. Looking forward to read more about your fav apps and how by using them creatively you are making your life easier!

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