New Decade Resolutions For The New You!

So as the decade turns over, join me on this endeavor to set or shed  lifestyle objectives which I believe can not be achieved in a couple of years but take time to imbibe into our lives and minds.

New year resolutions are so passe. Most of us have been doing this since our teen years, and doing it quite unsuccessfully indeed. Can’t you and me count on our fingertips the resolutions that we actually stuck to?! A Forbes study has shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them through the year.

So as the decade turns over, join me on this endeavor to set or shed  lifestyle objectives which I believe can not be achieved in a couple of years but take time to imbibe into our lives and minds.

Here’s wishing adieu to four fads of the twenty-tens. Pick one or pick all but read through them all!

The “social” pressure of having smashing plans and gather “likes” on every platform. In today’s times when the entire family is on Facebook and your smarter colleagues & swanky friends have moved to Instagram/Snapchat, there is like a million pascal pressure on you to join the bandwagon. So every day, every week, every weekend must have a plan which must be smashing one (read splurging money and posting worthy pictures). The cure, start with this New Year’s Eve and maybe have no plans at all! Embrace the art of doing nothing and master it!

Gathering material possessions. Hoarding is such a thing of the past. Apart from emptying your pockets, it also makes you immovable in your head. So move on and gather sights, sounds and smells. After all experiential learning is the new IN thing- travel, take hyper local trips and learn the art behind everyday things. Trust me you will gather millions of stories along!

Being positive is a new form of moral correctness. Being preachy about having to be well all the time is unreal. In other words it is okay to be not fine and admit it. Have your downs, just as much as your ups and treat both of them with equal respect as long as you  take the learnings away with you. Learn to bootstrap minus the skunk and pills- you will be surprised with your inner strength!

Chasing ideals #goals Move aside #Realtionshipgoals #Fitnessgoals #Careergoals. Chart your own definition of success. Make your own yardstick say stamina not weight, radiance not colour, comfort & function over runway trending, hobbies over conventional career. These new found KPIs set with meaning and purpose can be more wholesome rather than the conventional definitions which are more superficial.

Here are some resolutions for the twenty-twenties decade:

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Nurture your side hustle While honing your primary skills is a no-sayer, do spend conscious time to develop your secondary skills. This could be in a field related to your primary earnings or something totally offbeat; as long as it give you pleasure and give others joy or enlightens them with things lesser known to them. Now is the time to build expertise in areas you always wanted to and never could find time!

Widen your mind’s horizons Embrace all kinds of people- straight, homo, bisexual. Single, married, divorced, widowed. Brown, black, white. Hindu, muslim, Christian. Point made, needs no explanation since the world will be a better place if we all learned how to live and let live.

Save till you drop Become a champion of saving all natural resources – water, paper, electricity. Practise, preach, repeat. If possible take it to the next level where you become a conscious consumer who reads labels and replaces lifestyle essentials with recyclable, renewable substitutes.

Live minimally Minimalism is new age yoga, yoga as a way of life means neither excess nor scarce, strike a balance and take the middle path in life. Take strides in building memories, cultivating relations and imbibing the present. Be observant, lend a hand if need be and enjoy the moment by living in it.

Let me know if my thoughts struck a chord with you. Happy to know which ones you are ready to shape or shake away!

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