11 Amazing Ways To Make Healthy Habits Stick

Human beings are creatures of habit, but changing to healthy habits is not very difficult. All it takes is a willingness to change and sustained effort.

Human beings are creatures of habit, but changing to healthy habits is not very difficult. All it takes is a willingness to change and sustained effort.

Did you ever wish you could be programmed to do anything that needs effort? 

Changing habits can be one of the most difficult tasks for any person. This is because we are tuned to do things the way we have consistently been doing them for a long time.

I’ve always dreamt of the simplicity that should have existed in life, that would have allowed me to enjoy the things that I love and want, without taking the effort. Unfortunately, some dreams never come true because changing habits is hard.

Fortunately, even the hardest bound habits can be changed when certain small, yet significant alterations are brought about in your life.

Here are 11 ways anyone can take to make healthy habits stick.

Try the 30-day challenge as the first step to building healthy habits.

Did you know that all you need is 30 days to make anything a habit? It’s usually just the initial stages that can be tough, but once you push through, it will be easier than you expected it to be.

From dieting to waking up early and exercising, all you need is 30 days to help you develop a habit.

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The second step to healthy habits practice is — cut out the junk,

When struggling to eat healthy food and cutting out junk, let your first move be to clear out all that you know should be out of your reach.

Once that is done, fill up that space with all the healthy food so that you will have no scope to eat junk. This plays a big part in making every other effort work.

Set a goal plan for healthy habits, but don’t be hard on yourself!

Don’t be too hard on yourself; be glad about where you are at this point, and know that you can turn things around with a little stretch. Setting a goal is the key element in making any effort successful.

So, first decide where you want to be a year from now, how you want to feel or look, and let that be your driving force in every step you take.

Write down your health goals

Research proves that writing things down helps us have more clarity, increases focus, and helps us remember things more.

Try writing down your goals on paper and stick it in a place you will not miss. You will see that it’s easier to remember and stand by them.

Monitor your progress

In a strict weight loss program, everything you eat counts. So, decide how much you can consume and then have only that much, there’s no easier way of doing this.

Keep track of everything, from a slice of pizza to a bowl of rice — everything counts. To make it challenging, give yourself a score on a daily basis and reward yourself at the end of the week, of course, if you did well.

Plan your escape from temptation

There are going to be too many times your friends will plan on going to a food joint for an unlimited meal offer or even treat you with everything you are craving for foresee every such situation.

That includes every time you cross your favourite restaurant where you always had that amazing, juicy burger. Such instances are inevitable, so get ready because you need to find the strength to ignore them. Have your escape plan ready at all times.

Slow progress works wonders

The process of getting fit and losing many kilos takes time. In such a state, many people punish themselves with the most demanding and extensive diet plans and starve themselves to achieve their goals.

Include green tea, fenugreek seeds and other healthy choices to make an effective start, then slowly drop the quantities of unhealthy foods, and finally cut them off. Also, treat yourself once in a while, with a little something that makes you happy.

When someone fails at an extremely challenging goal, they tend to give up with not many tries. Don’t do that. Try till you succeed.

Accountability keeps you in check

Find a partner to whom you are accountable to. This can make the journey towards reaching your goals much easier. Having someone who keeps track of your progress and pushes you to get through your drawbacks makes things easier.

You may even partner up, and keep each other accountable. For a fun twist, include small punishments that will be meted out if one of your slacks.

Healthy habit goals need inspiration

Honestly, no person can reach their goals without any inspiration. While the goal itself can be motivating enough, having someone who makes you want to pursue something is vital.

Spend time with people who have mastered the habits you want to adopt – they will drive you to achieve your goals.

Practice contradicting excuses

It certainly can be hard to say NO all the time.

So, come up with a set of excuses you can make in every such situation you would need to escape from. They don’t need to be a lie, just a better and more convincing way of conveying your decision and goals.

Be optimistic, but be realistic

To achieve any fitness goal, it is important to be realistic to see results. Be optimistic, stick to it, and reach your goal. Take the help of a fitness trainer or anyone who can assist you by being the best judge to validate the possibility of your goal.

And, of course, no matter how realistic your goal is, without optimism, you might never see the light at the end of that tunnel.

While each of these has enough potential to help you stick to your new healthy habits, only consistency can bind them together. Transforming yourself to be better can be easier than you imagined.

Remember, consistency is the binding factor, and once you make these healthy habits something you abide by, they will become a part of your life.

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