“Avoid Getting Raped By Politicians” & 6 Other Essential Tips For Indian Women (Sarcasm Intended)

Newspapers report at least one case of rape/ sexual harassment/ molestation a day, and victim blaming is rampant, which is absolutely not OK. How is it the victim's fault?

Newspapers report at least one case of rape/ sexual harassment/ molestation a day, and victim blaming is rampant, which is absolutely not OK. How is it the victim’s fault?

Trigger Warning: Contains content of violence against women and rape with some graphic details that could be triggering for survivors.

It’s that time of the year when menimals are awake again! Let’s face it ladies – physical abuse is unavoidable around here. It could be as low as groping for some, but some women might even experience a full-blown rape.

One of the undesirable after-effects of rape is the fight for justice, which most women say is painful and time-consuming. Don’t worry though – we got your back with tips on how you can make that (slightly painful) experience a little better!

Seven tips on post rape blues.

Avoid getting raped by politicians

Research has shown that politicians are generally immune to the law. Even public backlash hasn’t shown any results in the past.

So if you are keen on some justice or on keeping your family safe, stay clear of politicos! They are just going to make the job all the more difficult.

No-no to religious leaders

We understand piety, but religion and rape is a heady one, and you don’t wanna get into that! Be it a Baba, a priest, an Imam or a religious leader of any significance, we suggest you to not get raped by any of these. They are powerful, protected and not what you are looking for!

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Family can be trouble

For some women, family is a safe haven. But for others, it’s just like outside. Family gatherings or visits from your overly loving uncles can turn stressful sometimes, especially if you are 10 years old, give or take a few years.

Since there are bigger problems like ‘family honour’ that might complicate matters, these rapes are a closely kept secret. Stay close to Mom, and stay clear of anyone who says please – that’s what we recommend!

Go-Be-Do the city gal

Rural rapes are passé, so we recommend being a city-gal. Same-to-same for other far off provinces like the north-east India, or most of the developing world. If you want action, you need to come to the happening places.

Injury is not injurious

Don’t be so surprised! New evidence has now come up which suggests that serious, even life-threatening injury during rape can help your case. Violent rapes can be extremely painful while they last, but they do help getting a speedy justice – so we suggest you to consider that as an option.

Stay innocent

It seems like a small matter, but we couldn’t stress this enough! While staying innocent won’t help prevent the rape (we have had reports of 5 year olds getting raped), it will help your case if you have been covering your entire body, not going to pubs or movies and not being seen with other men. Post rape discussions often consider whether the victim deserved it or not, so better play safe than sorry!

Be lucky

All said and done, a little luck never harmed anyone. Having been raped already, since you are anyway out of harm’s way, a little luck could help you tell your story and get support from media and the public.

That’s all, ladies! We hope this helped.

Do you have any ideas on getting over the post-rape blues? Please post in the comments!

A version of this was first published here.

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