Radha Sawana

Born a bookworm, trained as a chemistry researcher, grew up to be a business professional, with some writer on the side. I firmly believe that all problems reside inside, and so do their solutions.

Voice of Radha Sawana

I’m Jahnavi. I Want To Be Reborn. I Want Peace, And To Go Home…

And that was my mistake - she wanted to add. It wasn't what the baby had asked for, after all. The baby would probably have loved a life of peace and quiet, of security and comfort. Instead, he got struggle.

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Millennials’ Refusal To Label Relationships Makes Radha & Krishna’s Love Even More Relevant

Radha and Krishna's love is a nameless, non-judgemental one - something that we all can learn from. Why insist on giving a name or a socially sanctioned structure to a relationship? 

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So Unfair! Why Do Only Girls Need To Leave Their Parents And Go To In-Laws After Marriage?

Girls have to make all the sacrifice - leave their own homes, family, parents and go to their in-laws' place. Is it surprising that parents want only boys, asks Radha Sawana.

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Why I Am Unable To “Grow A Sense Of Humour” To Enjoy ‘Wife Beats Husband’ Jokes

Sexist jokes make a huge chunk of WhatsApp forwards by both men and women. But precisely WHY are they considered funny? A hilarious post, tongue-in-cheek post!

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