4 Things SatyaPrem Ki Katha Got Right, And 4 Things It Didn’t

SatyaPrem ki Katha brings to light issues surrounding trauma after assault and the lack of adequate support, especially from family.

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When Rape Of Women In War Zones Is Used As A Weapon To Truly Destroy A Population

Rape is treated as a weapon, a military strategy to humiliate and demoralise the men of the conquered community, the ‘perceived enemy’, because when “your women” are conquered the “war is won”.

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How We Cruelly, Easily Justify Rape!

Her rapist stood in her brother’s, cousin’s, uncle’s or father’s skin. Tired or angry, she couldn’t refrain from her husband’s advances, for they are meant to be given in.

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Digital Rape: What Is It?
What is Digital Rape?

The term digital rape comes from “digit” which means, finger or toe and has nothing to do with crimes related to tech or the digital world

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Oscar Winner Women Talking Declares: We Cannot Endure Any More Violence!

The premise of Women Talking—where survivors of sexual violence discuss what must be done after they were attacked—is an uncanny representation of how society deals with sexual violence.

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Gender Based Violence Is The ‘Civilized’ World’s Oldest Dirty Trick

We say 'human civilisation' but in reality, perhaps men never really evolved from their caveman mindset to date.

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