Why Rape Is Used As A Weapon Of War

Throughout history, men have made wars, but women and children have remained the worst sufferers at all times.

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Why Can’t Men’s Eyes See A 9-Yr-Old Girl As A Kid And Not A Sex Object?

A 9 year old girl was raped and murdered in Puducherry, and her body found in a sack in a drain. There are massive protests happening.

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Dear Men, Do You Have ANY Idea What Women Go Through Everyday Just To Stay Safe??

Women are NOT safe in India, and men have NO clue how we plan every time we go out of our safe spaces. This is no country for women.

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4 Things SatyaPrem Ki Katha Got Right, And 4 Things It Didn’t

SatyaPrem ki Katha brings to light issues surrounding trauma after assault and the lack of adequate support, especially from family.

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When Rape Of Women In War Zones Is Used As A Weapon To Truly Destroy A Population

Rape is treated as a weapon, a military strategy to humiliate and demoralise the men of the conquered community, the ‘perceived enemy’, because when “your women” are conquered the “war is won”.

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How We Cruelly, Easily Justify Rape!

Her rapist stood in her brother’s, cousin’s, uncle’s or father’s skin. Tired or angry, she couldn’t refrain from her husband’s advances, for they are meant to be given in.

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