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Police ‘Encounter’ For Hyderabad Rape & Murder Case Was Vengeance, Not Justice; Murder Charges To Be Levied

Instead of seeking vengeance after horrific crimes, the public should push for faster and better judicial resolutions. That is the best tribute we can pay to the victims.

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Can Rapists Be Allowed To Go Free After Marrying The Survivor?

No law in the country recognises enabling the rapist to walk free after marrying the survivor. However, in reality, it is something that families and communities often push for.

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Why Many Survivors Of Sexual Violence Seem To Freeze And Not React As Expected

Has anyone ever experienced this feeling of momentary blankness, an involuntary paralysis, when faced with a horrific, unknown situation? As if frozen.

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Madam Chief Minister, You’ve Done Irreparable Damage With Your Words On The Nadia Rape Case!
Nadia rape case

Trigger Warning: This deals with rape /gang rape/ sexual assault/ victim blaming/ victim shaming/ assault of minors and may be triggering for survivors. Was she actually raped? Was she pregnant? Was there some other reason? Did someone slap her? Was she sick? These were the statements, rather the counter questions, of West Bengal’s CM when […]

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Why Men’s Rights Activists Worried About ‘Fake Rape Cases’ Should Seek Allies In Feminists

Statistics show that the number of so called 'false rape cases' is sufficiently small to dismiss all the arguments about how the lives of 'millions of men' will be destroyed by feminists once marital rape is decriminalised.

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“If It Is The Most Important Part Of A Woman’s Body, Why Is It Called Shame-Shame?”

I tried to move my feet, but I couldn’t. I shivered, as the wind picked up its pace. The pain down there lingered, like a dull nagging ache.

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