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The Good Girls book
The Good Girls: A Step By Step Investigative Look At The 2014 Badaun Rape & Murder Case

In The Good Girls: An Ordinary Killing, author Sonia Faleiro takes a deep dive into the facts of the 2014 Badaun rape and murder case, a well written piece of investigative journalism. 

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Bombay HC: Even Indirect Media Disclosure Of Identity Of Sexual Abuse Survivors Is Punishable 

The Bombay High Court put additional restraints on print and electronic media and barred them from publishing the identity of rape victims. 

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CBI Finally Files Chargesheet Against Hathras Gangrape & Murder Accused; Hope For Justice?
hathras chargesheet

CBI finally does the right thing by filing a chargesheet against the upper caste perpetrators of the Hathras gangrape and murder of a Dalit woman. What about the police?

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Does The Basic Right Of Every Woman To Live Free Of Fear On This Earth Really Exist?

The Hathras rape case and the way it was handles has plunged women everywhere into despair. Will things never change? 

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The Horror Visited Upon The Hathras Rape Victim Is As Much A Casteist Issue As It Is About Gendered Violence
Hathras rape

As women, we're horrified by the Hathras rape victim's ordeal, but as Savarna women, we must ask ourself if we too are complicit in this caste based violence.

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When Tara Kaushal Went Undercover To Find Out Why Men Rape, She Found Some Intriguing Things
Tara Kaushal Why Men Rape

Tara Kaushal, the author of the breakthrough book Why Men Rape speaks of the challenges of going undercover to speak with actual rapists and writing it.

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