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“If It Is The Most Important Part Of A Woman’s Body, Why Is It Called Shame-Shame?”

I tried to move my feet, but I couldn’t. I shivered, as the wind picked up its pace. The pain down there lingered, like a dull nagging ache.

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Men Are Raped Too, But Apparently Not, According To Indian Rape Laws
Indian rape laws

Indian rape laws need to accept the social reality that men and trans persons are raped too, and need a way for redressal.  

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Will We Now Let ‘Future Asset’ IITian Rapists Also Get Away, Like Rapists Of DBA Women Do?

The accused in the IIT Guwahati rape case is granted bail because "he is a 'talented, future asset'." What about the trauma he caused to the survivor who is also a student? Or are girl students not worthy enough?

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Why Can’t A Dalit Beti Be A “Desh Ki Beti” Too?!

A 9 year old Dalit girl was brutally raped and then possibly burnt alive by rapists from Oppressor Castes. As a Dalit woman, I ask, how dare anyone deny the caste angle to this brutality?

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Getting Rapist Married To Survivor For ‘Legitimacy’ Of Child Is A Patriarchal Abomination

The recent case of a rape survivor wanting to marry the rapist to "give legitimacy to her child" speaks of how our patriarchal society inspires fear in a single mother.

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Rekha’s Ghar (1978) Dares To Question The Safety Of A Sanskaari ‘Good’ Wife From Rape
Ghar 1978

This is what makes Ghar such a surprising film, that it questions the safety of a person who is considered the most secure and protected by virtue of being a good woman, married to a good man.

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