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7 Ways To Cope With The Changing Mumbai Climate

It’s not just food that helps you to tackle the fluctuating weather, here are a few more tips that can help you give the changing weather and rise in temperature a good fight.

The shift in temperatures definitely has a huge impact not only on our ecosystem but on our bodies too. In a span of 24 hours, I moved from a 5-degree temperature to a 30-degree temperature and the aftermath followed.

I think by now across the world, it must be known that the Mumbai weather has a mind of its own that even the weather prediction department can’t seem to understand!!

We often hear and read about how certain food increases the heat in our body and how certain foods cool our system and impact our moods.

For example, chocolates are known to be instant mood lifters and pure dark chocolates are even known to aid weight loss.

Well, it’s not just food that helps you to tackle the fluctuating weather, here are a few more tips that can help you give the changing weather and rise in temperature a good fight.


Yes, that is the key to almost everything. As much as we all love cold drinks, the best way to hydrate is through water and fresh, sugar-free juices. So, drink as much water as you want. Always make it a point to step out with small water of bottle whenever you move out of the house. Choose fresh lemon juice over sodas and colas. Always 0pt for fresh juices over packaged juices as this not only keeps the heat at bay it also helps regulate your metabolism.

Plan Your Day 

Even though the Mumbai weather is unpredictable, it always helps to plan your day. You need to plan your outdoor work based on the temperature outside. There will be certain parts of the day that you can capitalize on for sure. Use your evenings which our cooler to exercise or just for a meal outside.

You are what you eat 

Recently at a blogger meet, nutritionist put some light on how our body gives us signals on what it needs. For example, a craving for chocolate means your body needs magnesium or a craving for something savoury means your body is craving for minerals and so on! So, when the weather fluctuates, it is best to eat foods that are suitable for the weather. It is always the best thing to eat fresh veggies and fruits and avoid something that is too oily or spicy.

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Dress as per weather

While, we all love certain fashion trends and want to follow them, it is best to dress as per the season. Pick colours that reflect heat in summers and ones that absorb heat in winters. Invest in clothes that can help you mix and match as per the weather.


Snacking right is as important as eating your meals on time. Opt for dry fruits or sugar-free snacks to munch on. Peanuts, Gud or Chana are the best snacking options. You can even opt for cucumber or a light bhel to snack on. Pick juicy fruits as they tend to keep you full for longer hours.


Exercise is a great way to calm and relax your body. Go for a swim, do yoga, stretch in the shower. Do what calms you down.

Just Chill

We are always on the run to ensure we complete all our tasks on time however we must take it slow when the temperature fluctuates as our body and mind are trying to cope with the changing weather. So, it’s ok if once in a while you shift your workload for another day and just relax for a while.

There are a lot of other things such as drinking infused water, experiencing aromatherapy, meditation which help your body relax and unwind. It’s best to pick up things that suit you the best rather than running behind fads.

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