Huh? Yes, Our Parents Have A Sex Life Even Now, Shows Trailer Of ‘Badhaai Ho’

As sexual desires are nowhere connected to age, the upcoming hindi movie Badhaai Ho addresses sex stigmas surrounding elderly couple. 

As sexual desires are nowhere connected to age, the upcoming hindi movie ‘Badhaai Ho’ addresses sex stigmas surrounding elderly couple. 

Badhaai ho, badhaai ho, khushkhabri hain…. Ghar main nanha mehman aane wala hain(congratulations, a young member is joining the family). Since the day a girl gets married she is grilled with questions and requests to provide a child for the family. The news of pregnancy is generally a matter of happiness for the couple, family and the whole society. But the question here is, is that true always?

The hilarious trailer of Ayushmann Khurrana and Sanya Malhotra starring ‘Badhaai Ho’ looks promising to say the least. It proves that the news of pregnancy is not always pleasing for a married couple and their family. Directed by Amit Ravindernath and written by Shantanu Srivastava, Akshat Ghildial and Jyoti Kapoor, the movie seems to have humorously witty dialogues which are very engaging for the audience.

The trailer begins with Nakul’s (Ayushmann) father (Gajraj Rao) awkwardly breaking the news of his wife’s (Neena Gupta) accidental pregnancy to his two sons, Nakul being the elder one. The complications such late pregnancy bring about within the family and the society is what the movie is trying to deal with. The trailer also perfectly captures uneasiness among the masses when it comes to pregnancy and sex education, which are still a taboo in our society.

The idea of parents having sex

Sex, as we all know, is not a topic that is openly discussed in our country. The best proof can be our parents dodging questions regarding sex in our childhood, how we dodge condom ads in front of them now, and how the whole concept of sex education is comfortably dodged by our education system.

We are generally not taught about human sexual drives which are very natural.  So, the idea of our parents or elderly people having sex is very hard to believe for us. On these very line Ayushmann Khurrana finds it extremely hard to digest the fact that his parents are having sex too. Himself being of a marriageable age, he struggles to deal with his own emotions and social taunts.

The sex lives of older people are often unnecessarily sensationalized, when its absolutely fine for them to have a happy and satisfying sex life. There is a derogatory suggestion that, “You have passed all that, now it’s the age to indulge in religious practices and devote yourself to god. It’s time for the younger ones to have their share of pleasure.”

Age doesn’t define sexual needs

Elderly people having sex is deemed as ‘immoral and unconventional’ by the society. Ridiculous comments like “budhape main bhi chain nai hain, sharam naam ki cheez nai hain, tharki budhe, inhe shareef samjha tha kya nikle(No peace in old age, no shame, we had thought these were decent people, but see how they’ve turned out to be) keeps following. They are basically termed as shameless and mocked by the people.

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The question that the movie tries to pose is quite simple, ‘if younger people are enjoying sex life then older people also have equal desires and rights to seek pleasure. As a society we need to understand and accept this fact. It must be seen as something normal without any taboo regarding the same.

Hopefully this movie, as promising as the trailer appears to be, humorously approaches such sensitive issues, and brings about some level of acceptance among people regarding sex being ‘normal’ for people of all age groups. The trailer of Badhai Ho gives us glimpse into all the fun, mad roller-coaster ride the film is going to take its audience on. If you still haven’t watched the trailer, it very much here, and also catch the film soon in theaters.

Header image is a still from the trailer of Badhaai Ho

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