Sorry NRI Grooms, You Can’t Get Away With These 5 Things Anymore!

The government revoking passports of 5 NRIs who had abandoned their wives will go a long way in stopping these men from cheating Indian brides. Here's what they cannot do now in the name of marriage!

The government revoking passports of 5 NRIs who had abandoned their wives will go a long way in stopping these men from cheating Indian brides. Here’s what they cannot do now in the name of marriage!

The Indian Government is now going to revoke passports of Non-Resident Indians (NRI) who abandon their wives and are convicted on legal grounds after the Law and External Affairs Ministry agreed to a proposal made by the Women and Child Development Ministry. 5 passports of NRI husbands have already been revoked by the External Affairs Ministry. This measure has been taken after numerous cases being reported of NRI men abandoning their wives shortly after marriage or following marital disputes.

Women have been abandoned both abroad and in India. Many of them are abused mentally and physically, malnourished, confined and ill-treated, or forcibly made to flee. The Women and Child Development Ministry is determined to put an end to such inhumane practices.

Here are a few things that will change for NRI Grooms now:

Can’t escape court procedures

NRIs have successfully abandoned their wives until now as it was nearly impossible to track them, as they would flee abroad and never turn up for legal hearings in cases such as dowry harassment, desertion, and domestic violence. As domestic violence will be brought under the ambit of extradition treaties, NRI’s abroad will be deported due to the cancellation of their passports and the ones in India won’t be able to flee abroad as their passports will be impounded.

Can’t enslave wives in a foreign country

Many women who manage to go abroad are abused, but are rendered helpless as they are dependent on their husbands for sustenance and lack the resources and connections to get out of the situation. Hopefully, with this measure women will be able to fight back and escape confinement in a foreign land.

Can’t marry multiple women

In many cases, it was observed that men were already married to someone in another country and came back to India only to marry a woman, to extract money. In the longer run, this step by the government will deter NRI men from marrying multiple women. Also, as registration of NRI marriages has also been made mandatory, it would not be easy for NRIs to marry multiple women.

No more lying   

A lot of times, these men give false information about their jobs, immigration status, earning, property, marital status and other material particulars to dupe women. The government has therefore made it compulsory for NRI men to fill out a form with important details like passport number, social security number, residential address etc before the issue of the marriage certificate. This will prevent NRIs from committing fraud and will make it easier to track the absconding ones.

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No lenient divorces and custody   

NRI men no longer will be able to avail lenient divorces in other legal systems or obtain an ex-parte decree of divorce in other foreign countries, through fraudulent representations or without the knowledge of the wife as the marriage is registered in India. The cases of abduction of children will also reduce as men will have to fight for custody legally.

But, prevention is always better than cure!

While the government is doing its part to help women who are abandoned by NRI men, we need to focus on preventing such instances. For that, firstly we need to treat our sons and daughters as equals. Educate them and give them equal opportunities so that women can support themselves and are not stranded and left to die in a faraway land or in our country.

Secondly, we need to stop setting marriage as the sole goal in a girl’s life, it’s about time we stop treating women as sex objects and childbearing machines, which means we need to educate them to make their CV’s look great and not just the education section on their matrimonial profile.

Thirdly, let them work, gain experience and knowledge about the world before marrying someone from the same vile world. Owing to this, when the time comes she has the courage and knowledge which will enable her to fight back.

Fourthly, teach the sons to respect women – they are not objects who are waiting to be used and abused by men.

Lastly, we need to address the crux of the matter and change the way we think – start considering our daughters as talented and capable individuals who can achieve more than just a successful husband.

It’s about time we stop encouraging girls to dream of going abroad via their husbands and educate them which will enable them to go abroad on their own. Instead of saving up for big fat Indian weddings we must start saving up for our daughter’s education.

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