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My Husband Wants Me To Work Even As My Ailing Kids Need Me At Home. What Do I Do?

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A woman asks for help in a desperate situation where she has to find work, with two unwell children to take care of. What can you tell her?

Hello dear Moms,

I am a 41 yr old, mother of two children, a son aged 14 and a daughter aged 6.

My son is epileptic. He has had delayed milestones, and needs to be cared for even at this age. My daughter has repiratory problems. She has had a lung operation at the age of 3 years. Whenever she coughs, I feel as if I am in a nightmare. I have had such horrific experiences when I saw my little babies on life support. All this has added to my nightmares.

My husband was earning quite well earlier, but when he lost his job, we were undergoing a financial crisis. A little later he started a business which failed miserably. He came across a lot of fraudsters from whom we still have to recover money.

I have always been pressurised to start earning, from the early years of my marriage. But unfortunately, I had no place to leave my child because every two years we changed places. My son used to get severe seizures, so I had to be with him. When he started school I realised that he had speech problems with some learning disabilities. Then soon his therapies started, and we saw very slow progress.

During this period someone in the family suggested that I have another child. I was scared, thinking: what if the second child is born with the same problem or something worse?

When my son was eight he became a little independent. By then I was expecting my second child at the age of 35. Again I had a C-section. My daughter was born normal, but at the age of 3 she suffered from pneumonia which turned into a honeycomb. She had to be operated upon. Now she suffers from exercise induced asthma.

My husband has been pressurising me to work. I really don’t know what to do. I have been married for 15 yrs and have always remained a housewife. At the age of 41 where will I get any work, with no experience. Also, I would need to work from home so that I can take care of both my children.

Tell me, moms, what can I do? Can anyone help me?

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