This Restaurant Perfectly Understands Wifely ‘Duty’ And Hence, Calls Itself ‘The Second Wife’!

The Second Wife restaurant understands that the wife's duty is to cook. It aims to cook like the wife or maybe, even 'better than her. Hail patriarchy!

The Second Wife restaurant understands that the wife’s duty is to cook. It aims to cook like the wife or maybe, even ‘better’ than her. Hail patriarchy!

So now that you’re here, you’re obviously intrigued regarding what I’m talking about. Well, we’ve found this hidden gem of a restaurant which is the best possible restaurant in the world and it’s called The Second Wife! I’m not kidding, I swear!

The logic is quite simple really- women are supposed to cook (duh), and if by chance a poor, unfortunate guy has a wife who cannot cook nicely enough (shame on her, gasp!) or, is not around to serve him, then where will this helpless, wretched man go? To The Second Wife, of course!

If the first wife, whose only purpose in life is cooking and serving her husband, is disturbed due to some reason then he has no other option, I repeat, absolutely no other option to fill his stomach. Nope! And to all those who might shout that men should be able to cook and do other housework, then I feel sorry for the dark ignorance that you’re living in!

Do you not know that women are supposed to be in the kitchen and cook and serve? It’s called general knowledge, look it up.

One person was so, so enraged overjoyed on seeing the restaurant’s name, that she had to re-confirm if she was indeed not hallucinating.

She even posted on Facebook about this. Imagine the ecstasy!

Read it below, if you don’t believe me.

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“I came across this in my news feed. I could not believe such a restaurant exists. So I actually called them.
Quoting from their website:
“Second Wife is one of the fastest growing food tech companies in Bangalore. For great food and good times. Second Wife cooks like your wife and may be better than your wife also. Experience our taste and quality of our food a wide range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian delicacies with distinct aroma and flavour achieved by carefully blending a host of spices and condiments.”

“Hello. Second Wife Restaurant.”
“What is the name of your restaurant?”
“Second wife, ma’am”.
“Your restaurant is open? People actually come to you?”
“Yes ma’am. Would you like to order something ma’am?”

 – Tanvi Sinha

Now, now. I can understand how overjoyed you must be if you’re residing in Bangalore, and so dismayed if you’re not. But it’s okay, find a literal second wife for yourself! That should do, I mean not as good as them but it should work nicely. Since your current wife doesn’t cook well (she should though, or you should file a complaint against her, it’s a betrayal after all the money that she you spent on your wedding…Tch tch tch!), it is only logical to get another one, because how else with your infantile macho adult self be looked after?

Such innovation, much wow!

Hail patriarchy! Hail gender roles!

Header image is a screenshot from the movie Biwi No. 1

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