Have You Ever Thought About The Psycho-Biological Meaning Of Rape?

What do you think is the meaning of rape purely in a psycho-biological way? Read on to know - you'll be shocked!

What do you think is the meaning of rape purely in a psycho-biological way? Read on to know – you’ll be shocked!

Have you thought of what rape means in purely biological terms? It takes the lack of consent to a completely new level altogether. Very crudely, “I will rape you” biologically means “I will forcefully deposit my sperms in your uterus.” 

You have seen in Hindi movies of the 1970’s through 1990’s, that the heroine, cornered by the villain, tearfully and fearfully pleads him not to rape her, or she will be destroyed, she will be ‘dishonored’, and she will have to live shamefully the rest of her life. (That the hero intervenes at the moment and saves her, is a part of the fictional screenplay).

Why is the reproductive system of females highlighted so much in our society? Why does her ‘honor’ depend on her biological virginity? Why is the woman considered to be simply a baby-producing machine?

Why is a man’s virginity never questioned? Because it cannot be verified? Because there is no proof of whether he has had sex before or not? So there is no apparent ‘loss’ of virginity. Women, on the other hand, lose their virginity once, and for all.

That’s why Ram questioned Sita’s chastity and asked her to undergo Agni Pariksha (virginity test, checking for Ravan’s sperms?!). Ravan had not raped the hostage Sita, and so she tested negative. Still, back in Ayodhya, Ram questioned her virginity again, and this time, asked her for an Agni Pariksha in his open court. Sita felt so thoroughly insulted that she committed suicide on the spot.

Notice that Sita never questioned Ram’s virginity/chastity even though he also was away from her during her hostage days. Is sexual ‘purity’ limited to women only? Don’t men need to be ‘pure’? If a guy sleeps with 5 women, he is a stud. If a girl sleeps with 5 men, she is a slut, right? Yaar, tired of these double standards of this male-dominated society!

Do you respect your sperms? Do you reserve them exclusively for your wife or do you pass it on to any woman indiscriminately? Are your sperms cheap that they can be scattered anywhere, even uninvited? If you have to force yourself on a woman,  it means your sperms are not welcome. Only your wife can ask you for them.

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