Her Father [#Poetry]

Posted: March 13, 2017

The bond between a father and daughter is precious, and nothing can take the glitter away from it! 

Painted upon a gilded shore,
soaked in the warm depths of the ocean,
glistening with silvery beads,
the heart of her father;
he was a mountain battling the tides,
an embrace of unconditional love
unfolding into a peaceful lullaby;
her tiny hands stretched out,
his teary eyes feigned a smile
and unwrapped every wish with
sleepless nights unforgiving towards him,
who dared to transcend every ordeal
to embellish his daughter’s countenance
with a sparkle of happiness;
tonight, she swirls and twirls like a princess,
dazzling in white, walking down the aisle,
a new beginning is sketched
upon the canvas of emotions,
bedecked with a daughter’s devotion
like a diamond studded sky
pouring glitter on the blue ocean;
behold, an unforgettable love story unfolds,
a young man holds the sand of emotions
in the palm of his hands,
a beautiful castle is built with laughter
of daughter and father,
how her father reminds
the young man of his father,
when he watches the aged man,
wearing a blue hat, run his fingers
through his daughter’s hair,
singing her a lullaby,
memories float towards the shore
from the vast ocean of hope,
finding solace in the cradle of love,
brimming with unforgettable tales of devotion
flowing through the heart of a daughter;
her father is collecting a few golden rays,
with shaky hands for her wedding present,
dissolving them into iridescent shades of love
upon the walls of the castle;
the daughter watches a journey of years
from the windowsill of her new room,
the glitter of the moon
settling as pearls on her skin,
such a beautiful world, she sings,
her prince, her king,
like son and father,
her golden wish is fulfilled.

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Image source: pixabay

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