A New Mom. A Writer. A Homemaker. Is it Easy?

Posted: February 15, 2017

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Writing professionally is what you’d like to do, but you have a baby and a home to look after. How do you do it? A new mom muses.

The joy of being a new mom is unmatched. The emotions cannot be justified through words. However, being a mother means a lot of responsibility, too. Especially, if you are the one who wants to succeed professionally, too.

It isn’t easy juggling between the role of a new mom, homemaker and writer. Writing is a time consuming activity that flourishes in the deepest corner of your mind. Concentration and imagination are at the heart of creative writing. Honestly, with an infant, writing did seem like a distant dream to me.

Imagine drafting imagination on a piece of paper when your baby is pulling at the end of your shirt. When you have to cook lunch or dinner. When the dirty dishes, unwashed clothes, wrinkled bed sheet, etc. begin to bother you. It wasn’t easy when a many priority began to queue up in front of me. So, what was I supposed to do? Give up on my dreams?

One day, I sat in silence and pondered over the practicality of working full time. I could take up a full time copywriting job, I thought. What about my son? I immediately shrugged the idea away. I could request the company for work for home, I smiled. However, I knew that even this wasn’t going to be unchallenging as it is difficult to work under tight deadlines with a toddler.

So, I decided to begin by writing as per the comfort of my son for national and international anthologies, contests, magazines, blogs, etc. For instance, the best time to write was when my toddler was put to sleep during the day and night.

When the workload is heavy and my countenance is filled with anxiety, my husband asks me to quit writing. He tells me to wait for the right time to follow my dreams. I cannot explain to him the gratification I get from writing. I cannot explain to him that I am capable of managing my son and work together. Rather, I don’t want to. I want him to see for himself how I strike a balance between work and motherhood. Honestly, he has appreciated me a few times, too. But, then, this isn’t about appreciation. It is about fulfilling my passion that otherwise would begin to rust.

At the end, I would say to all the beautiful mothers that our children are our priority. And, they will always be. However, if you are the one with passionate goals then don’t let them fade into oblivion. I would suggest from my experience that it is easier to manage work as per your child’s schedule. For example, I am writing this post when my son is sleeping next to me.

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Surbhi Thukral is a new mother of a beautiful boy. Apart from being a doting

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  1. Hi Surabhi! Ive been there and I know exactly how you feel. I remember I wrote one of my best articles (in my opinion) during that time, when I was a full ´hands-on´Mom and it dazzled my husband when I shared my work with him. His reaction was ´How come you came up with something like that with an infant in hand?´. Keep writing …because it gives you so much joy, apart from your child. You are on the right track..it takes a lot of will and passion to do what you are doing. Most people in your place, would just hang up their boots after tirelessly looking after their toddler. But you have the strong urge to write..and you mustn’t curb it. All the best!

    • Hello Tina, it is lovely to hear from you. Thank you for your inspiring words. I am definitely not giving up. And, I am sure that our husbands would be thinking to themselves, how do they manage everything? It gets tough at times, but, then its worth the effort. Thank you again for your comment.

  2. I am in the same boat. I agree I am far better considering that my daughter is a big toddler and goes to school. Hang in there. Its a matter of few years. Hugs! And congrats on motherhood! 😀

    • Hello Archana, thank your for kind words. It is a beautiful phase of life, isn’t it? Hopefully, he should be going to playschool in a few months. However, it is fun working around him.

  3. Congrats Surbhi on your lil one. Loved your article, resonates with my state of mind ! I am currently on my maternity leave and my mind is juggling between thoughts of quitting to take care of my new borns v/s to resume to work!

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